Awesome? …Erm, Sure

Have you ever walked up to a metal fan and said ‘Iron Maiden are crap’? No? You know why that is? It just isn’t done. You can’t even say ‘Iron Maiden are okay’. To the majority of the Metal scene, they are awesome and that is the end of it. The games industry has a selection of games that fall into the same category, and sometimes I don’t agree with them.

When I say I dont agree, I am not saying that they are bad, I’m just pointing out that sometimes, they are just not my cup of tea. The weird thing is, the outrage and disbelief that I have encountered when I tell people that I’m not keen. I once had a conversation with a few friends, which was pretty much all about how awesome Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was. When I was asked for my opinion, my words came out sort of like ‘Mehh I don’t… ummm well… yeah I dunno *cough* well I suppose it’s alright… ish…’ before trailing off and realising that they were all staring at me wide-eyed in horror. Of course I quickly backtracked and said I hadn’t played much of the game yet. Which was technically true. I mean, yes, I rode around on a horse for about two hours before being attacked by wolves, thus losing my horse, making me wander around looking for another horse for another hour, and then proceeded to turn my Xbox 360 off in disgusted rage, but I suppose such stupidity on my part meant a rather disillusioned first impression. I tried again to get into this apparently fantastic game at the insistence of my friends, but I guess by then the damage was done, and I am yet to find my way into the first villiage.

getting literally lost in the world of Oblivion.
Somewhere out there… my horse is laughing at my failure.

Another well loved game (or should I say series of games) that I struggled to get into was the Mass Effect series. Now, I know that there are a lot of fans. They are excellent games and thoroughly deserving of their high review scores. My other half absolutely loves Mass Effect, has played the two games to death and is eagerly awaiting the third instalment. But maybe he in turn is the reason I cannot get into it. I think the hours upon hours of watching (and falling asleep to the very soothing soundtrack) meant that when it was my turn to have a go, I simply could not make myself enjoy it. The strangest thing is that Mass Effect has the same developer and publisher as Dragon Age: Origins, and I absolutely adore that game. They are also similar enough in gameplay that you can tell.

I have also almost missed out on great games because I have heard from other people that they aren’t so good . Bioshock 2, whilst being nowhere near as good as the first, is pretty decent. I bought it the day after release date and realised only a few weeks ago that I was still yet to play it. What I had done was listen to my friends tell me how much of a disappointment it was, left it on my shelf while I played other games and just forgot about it for a while. I read reviews on Lost Odyssey which gave it a 7 for the same reason I would have given it a 9 – old style RPG elements.

I don't think she's happy about me leaving her on a shelf for months..

I guess my point is that sometimes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Yes, reviews usually give a good guideline of how a game is going to be, and if someone gives a game a 2 out of 10, then chances are nobody is going to enjoy it, but sometimes the only person who can judge how much you are going to like a game is you, and if you’re worried about forking out for a bad game, sign yourself up for LoveFilm and rent it!







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  1. Leon avatar

    I definitely agree to this – Oblivion and Mass Effect are both games I’ve bought due to general hype, and although I’ve enjoyed some aspects to them, I found both games extremely dull and tedious.

    The worst thing I’ve had is when I’ve tried a game with a lot of hype, disregarded it and then found myself drawn to playing the game a second time because general positiveness about said title makes me wonder if I was wrong on my first judgement. I re-bought Mass Effect about 2 years after originally playing it, only to get bored *again*. It’s a shame because the game looks visually appealing and I love the dialogue, but I just don’t form any kind of attachment to the story or it’s characters. However, I’m not going to trade it in again – so if I feel the urge to give it another shot I already have it.

  2. Riki avatar

    I have a thing for games people hate. Prince of Persia (2008) and Mirrors Edge were both games I adored, yet Fallout 3 just leaves me cold. Hours and hours of wandering round a gravel pit just doesn’t appeal. If I wanted to do that I’d just go to southern Spain in winter. I must admit I’ve had a hard time getting into Dragon Age. The combat system just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me, half action, half auto. I keep waiting for it all to click in my head so I can get on and enjoy the game. Shale is one of the best game characters ever though!

  3. Michael avatar

    You don’t like Oblivion or Mass Effect? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!

    Just getting that out of the way 😉

    Maybe the Dragon Age/Mass Effect thing is the setting though? I like both but then I am, and always have been, a huge fan of BioWare. Even Jade Empire! Oh, martial arts roleplaying… *pines*

    I have my share of bad game love though. I can’t name them all (Shadow of Memories is a major one though) but they exist and have sullied my gaming cred with my kid brother since back in the day. Meh.

  4. Andy T avatar
    Andy T

    I think there have been times I’ve kidded myself I’ve enjoyed a game almost all the way through because I know it’s generally thought of as being good, only discovering the truth when I find that I’m glad it’s all over as the credits roll. There are other games that just didn’t grab me quick enough and despite supposedly being awesome remain unfinished on my shelf months later….sorry Modern Warfare 2, Dragonage and Fallout 3.

    Oh and Michael Shadow of memories….AWESOME! *B&T guitar solo*

  5. Michael avatar

    AWESOME TO THE MAX (and I bought it twice, being poor and succumbing to the evil of trade-in)! Also Wyld Stallyns m/ m/ XD

    Pity about Junko Kawano’s apparent plans for it though. Have you played Time Hollow? Don’t have a DS myself.

  6. Laura avatar

    Haha 🙂 I love the Mass Effects and loved Oblivion. They’re probably some of my most played single player games of all time. I hated Dragon Age, though. I’m really not sure why. After about 5 mins I was just sick of it.

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