Author: Laura

  • Master Reboot

    Wales Interactive’s puzzle horror Master Reboot is set in the near future where technology called the Soul Cloud enables the memories and personalities of the deceased to be uploaded, preserving them indefinitely. Loved ones can visit Soul Cloud residents for short periods of time, meaning death is no longer goodbye. But there’s a problem. Memories have…

  • Personnel Files – Johnny

    This time round it’s Johnny’s turn to tell all.

  • Battlefield 4

    We live in a time where multiplayer is tacked on to every other new release whether or not it makes sense, is fun, or is even wanted by players, but Battlefield is one of the rare examples of a multiplayer game that doesn’t need a single-player mode. It is all about that winning multiplayer formula.…

  • Personnel Files – Duncan

    It’s our News Editor’s turn to answer all of Laura’s nosey gaming questions.

  • Tommy Tallarico on Video Games Live: Level 3

    The applause dies down. Tommy Tallarico stands on stage under a spotlight. An audience member whoops, and Tommy grins before teasingly announcing the developer, composer, and game the next piece of music to be played comes from. After a pause, the words ‘One Winged Angel’ fill the room, and the crowd goes wild. The orchestra…

  • IndieCover – Chillax

    A relaxing shmup? Laura’s been playing Chillaxian, a Galaxian clone for the power-napping generation.

  • Playjam’s Anthony Johnson on the GameStick

    On February 1st this year the GameStick Kickstarter successfully reached its funding goal. Described by PlayJam as the most portable TV console ever created, the Android-based GameStick fits neatly inside its own pocket-sized controller. Launching this August at £79.99, PlayJam are targeting a more casual gaming audience with App store-style games and pricing. With a…

  • Personnel Files – Dean

    Find out all about our Pixelhunter.

  • Gears of War: Judgment

    When your planned trilogy of well-recieved games reaches its end and you realise it’s not going to make money anymore, there are three options: Come up with some reason the story’s not really all over, make a prequel, or create something entirely new. I’m joking, of course, there are only the first two options. Gears…

  • We Play Games – Voices, Ghosts, and Bear Traps

    Fran, Giles, and Philippa fill us in on what they’ve been playing recently.