Gaming Resolutions

It’s a new year and time for a whole load of new games to play while putting off the visit to the gym you promise you’ll go to every year but never do. I know what I want to be playing this year but whether I’ll have the time or the money to do so is another matter so I’m setting myself some gaming resolutions to help me get by.

1) Finish more

I get criticised for this a lot but I rarely ever finish games. I always get distracted by a new game or I just don’t want it to finish so I stick it back on the shelf and let it collect dust until I decided to start it again from the beginning. Occasionally I’ll finish a game that I really enjoy but as soon as it’s over I’m sad and never want to touch it again. The thing is I know I’m missing out on some great endings so this year I’m going to try and finish more games so I can finally get some closure.

2) Spend less

Funding a gaming habit and having a student loan don’t mix so this one is more a case of survival but the January sales and Fable II Game Of The Year Edition at £15.98 are making this very difficult. There are so many good releases coming up in the next three months like the Bioshock and Mass Effect sequels, and Final Fantasty XIII so I’m going to have to start prioritising what I really want to get. Spending less also means I’ll have less distractions and will hopefully get to do resolution number one.

Final Fantasy XIII

3) Play together

I’m a grumpy loner when it comes to games. I’m not a fan of multiplayer and I often refuse to party up with people in MMOs even if it would make playing a whole load easier. There are loads of people on my friends list but I rarely talk to them, and on the off chance I am playing with them I tend to unplug my mic so I can’t hear them. I’m not exactly helping the unsociable gamer stereotype so this year I’m going to play with people more, even if it’s just turning my mic on in 1 vs 100

I hope I’m not the only lonely and broke gamer that’s trying to change their ways out there, does anyone else have any gaming resolutions for 2010?







6 responses to “Gaming Resolutions”

  1. Tony avatar

    You’re in the right place for resolution 3. Gaming online can be quite intimidating and unpleasant at times, but not when you’re in a room full of Ready Up-pers. I’ve had my most fun games ever online with RU people.

  2. Celeste avatar

    I’m with you on number 3. I am also an antisocial gamer. I want to fix that but whenever I go on Live and enter a multiplayer game I end up coming away fromt the experience feeling broken and bruised. I shall just have to up my game and kick some ass. Somehow.

  3. Laura avatar

    Mine is to get my MW2 K/D ratio up to 2.00 😛

  4. DelTorroElSorrow avatar

    I’ve been a broke gamer for the last decade!

    Good article 🙂 Good resolutions! I’d love to keep number 2 myself but so far in 2010 I’ve already pre-ordered £150 worth of games…

  5. Markatansky avatar

    Mine is get a better PC. >:C “I’m a PC, and I insplode at the mere mention of Crysis.”

  6. Simon avatar

    I enjoyed reading your resolutions. 1) and 3) I’m ok on, but 2) is one I need to adopt right now!

    Also, for 3), maybe a big RU 1 vs 100 evening is the way to go.

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