If you’ve ever visited our lovely li’l forum you will no doubt notice the huge Left 4 Dead thread, and if you dare venture into it you’ll clearly see that some of us here at Ready Up have a bit of a “thing” for the wonderfully satisfying zombie filled shooter. So much so that it’s possibly one of the only threads that hasn’t been derailed… much. But come on, we’re only human, I don’t know how any FPS fan could not fall in love with Left 4 Dead. For a start, it’s made by Valve. Valve, to me, equals WIN. I would sell my soul to the devil to get my hands on Half-Life 2 episode 3 right now! *looks up, no sign of the devil, feels sad* I love Left 4 Dead because it is just so very very “Valvey”, clever and brilliant in every way. Except for one, well, actually, four.


I’m not going to go into it, I’ll annoy myself, and we’ve discussed and blogged about it many times before but OMFG! Why why why why why are Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey so useless?  How they ever managed to stay alive before we came along and started controlling their actions I will never know! It’s almost as if Valve, made them so infuriatingly rubbish at the very game they were created to dwell in because they wanted us to play with friends and, eeeeew, socialise!

So that’s what we did, Wednesday nights became Ready Up’s  Left 4 Dead night, and much fun was had by all, pouncing, smoking, head-popping, fire-starting fun! But there was always talk of the promised DLC, new maps and a new challenge, “Survival!” How excited were we on L4D DLC day? Well let me tell you, LOADS!  In Survival mode, wave after wave of infected swarm at you from every angle. All you have to do is stay alive for as long as you can. It’s like the inevitable ending to almost every zombie story ever told. The lift never opens, the APC doesn’t turn up, the chopper never arrives to whisk you away to safety. The world is entirely over-run, it’s so unfair, they’re not allowed to be that fast y’know!?  The screaming horde won’t stop advancing and you just know you’re not gonna make it out alive, but you keep on trying, you keep on killing, you keep on surviving.


The survival instinct is strong in us all, never surrender, never give up. Keep planting bullets in those undead bastards til you’re flattened by a flaming tank, defend your team-mates from the onslaught of claws and tongues and vomit til you can carry on no longer and melee spam until… wait!? What!? Melee fatigue!?  Noooo, that type of thing causes incaps! Downed on the ground alone, two tiny pistols against a swarm of zombies tearing at your flesh will result in certain doom but even then, after death, don’t ever quit, keep mashing RT, I’m sure it helps! And anyway, if you do find yourself struggling to make an impact on those leaderboards, you could always take a bit of advice from these two Ready Uppers –

Mr Cuddleswick and Albull's epic time!







15 responses to “Survival”

  1. van-fu avatar

    Oh. My. God.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I still haven’t experienced this survivial mode you speak of. I must look into it at some stage. Stop being so anti-social me.

  3. Barry avatar

    Great blog Laura, we will soon reach the upper echelons of the survival mode by clocking an awesome time! 🙂

  4. Barry avatar

    And as the rook says, how very dare they think that us gamers should be socialable and make friends just to play this gamemode!! May as well try and get a life too!! Sheesh >.<

  5. Snozzeltoff avatar

    24:35:07 – Now is that a legitimate time or is it breaking the game?
    I know of a few locations that you can survive easily in, one you can just climb/jump out of the main area of the level and just wait as long as you can be bothered too.

  6. Chucklebuck avatar

    IF you were looking for the devil, surely you’d look DOWN?

  7. Kat avatar

    Awesome blog. Fire starting ftw! <3 fire

  8. punkduck avatar

    But you only need 10 minutes to get the gold award. Anything after that is just showing off ;P

  9. punkduck avatar

    PS. 1 boomer in 25 minutes? Hax, I say!!! 😉

  10. Pix3l avatar

    Only 4 hunters as well…Something doesn’t add up :p

  11. Laura avatar

    You guys are just jealous of Cuddles ‘n’ Al 😛

    @ Chuckles, the devil is everywhere, everywhere! 😉

  12. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Loved the blog Laura, for obvious reasons.

    We set that time on Terminal, and set up position by the reception desk. There were no boomers for some reason, and that seemed to happen each time we tried that position. Still, 6 tanks and 2000 infected, not bad for 25 minutes work.

    Albull was playing as Louis I think, so we didn’t have AI Louis to contend with. That was a big help. Has anyone else noticed that in the intro video it’s Louis who sets off the witch, then runs off and gets pounced?Such a liability.

  13. Jonah A McDoogl avatar
    Jonah A McDoogl

    I’ve got 4 or 5 gold medals now, very pleased 😀

  14. Duncan Aird avatar
    Duncan Aird

    At time of posting, I am yet to gain a silver medal. 🙁

    But 25 minutes?! On top of that you still only had 3 active non-God awful players (Laura, Cuddles & of course Francis ;)).

    Seriously though. WOW!

  15. DunK avatar

    At time of posting, I am yet to gain a silver medal. 🙁

    But 25 minutes?! On top of that you still only had 3 active non-God awful players (Laura, Cuddles & of course Francis ;)).

    Seriously though. WOW!

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