Xbox pointsAs is publicised from time to time, Microsoft “allow” you to change your Xbox gamertag for the sum of…800 points! For those of you not fluent in the Microsoft points exchange rate this is £6.80. I find this an obscene price for what is basically an automated facility and therefore can think of very few reasons why anyone would possibly want to spend their hard earned cash this way. Indeed, the only sensible reasons I can think of are
a) you join a clan and everyone has a clan name based tag i.e. destinee ready-up
b) you were hideously inebriated when picking your name and woke up to a horrible surprise!

question-markThere may be other reasons and please let me know if you think of them but to me that’s it yet my friend’s list is constantly changing, not due to new people but due to people on there changing their names for unknown reasons. Some people have now changed their names numerous times and I find myself unable to actually remember who half the people on my list are!

To me, the most surprising thing is that it’s not the hard working folk that are changing their names but the younger members of Xbox live. Whether this is because they are yet to discover the true worth of money (let’s face it, you need to struggle to pay the rent/mortgage before this really sets home) or not I really don’t know. The thing that amazes me is that the kids are getting access to this money and then, whilst on limited income, are choosing this as the best thing to do. Up until a short while ago 800 points was the price of a full arcade game which could provide hours of fun and that same price can be used to change a few letters?!

Change your tag

I picked my gamertag many (many, many) years ago back in the birth of the N64 etc. and although since then the “ehgc” suffix has been added it has always been “destinee”. I have had this name for so long and it is very dear to me. I wouldn’t change my tag if it was free, let alone for a price. So let me know – have I got it wrong? Are you a name changer? Do you treasure your gamertag as I do? What’s in a name, to you?