Ready Up Podcast S08E05 – Wild Ride

Susan and Adam chat to Lexa from the Manga Forum Podcast and Dead Horse Podcast.

The Playstation Classic line-up

Adam takes a look at what games can be found in the Playstation Classic and finds it...disappointing.

Jason Lives – Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle review

Everyone's favourite hockey mask-wearing killer is back, murdering. This time on the Nintendo Switch.

Ready Up Podcast S08E04 – Tiny Fanfare

Susan and Dean chat to Matt from Gas Lantern Games about Ant Empire, ants and more.

The Forgotten Son Of Capcom’s Forgotten Sons

It seems Capcom is reviving some neglected properties. What are the odds they bring back this swashbuckling duo?

Ascending difficulty – oOo: Ascension review

Kitty takes a look at arcade puzzler oOo: Ascension

Going loopy – Resynth review

Resynth livens up the Sokoban formula with a musical twist – but at its core, it's a deep and demanding puzzle game.

Now augmented, still bad – The Surge DLC review

Stewart finally gives up on The Surge...

Classic cardboard questing – Armello Review

Armello takes cues from classic board games as well as the Redwall series.

Ready Up Podcast S08E03 – Rainbow Jellybeans

Susan, Verity and Kieran get together and it is truly majestic.

Rough edges – The Slater review

Kitty checks out indie stealth-adventure game The Slater.

On the road again – Life is Strange 2 Episode 1...

Adam hits the road with two teen runaways in the first episode of Life is Strange 2.
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