It’s that time of year again, New Year’s Day. Most of you though are probably talking in whispers and nursing a serious hangover. Maybe last night you too found the invisible champagne before the night was over.

No matter how you’re feeling today you will have likely made some resolutions for the coming year. Now I usually avoid setting myself up for failure and don’t make any resolutions. I figure that if I wanted to change then I’d do it no matter what time of year it is. This year though I decided to make some enjoyable resolutions, some gaming resolutions. So here’s my short list:

  • Get my Gamerscore up to at least 5K. I’ve had my Xbox 360 for two years and my score is pathetic.
  • To finish more games than I don’t. I have new game-itis. Buy a new game and forget to finish the previous one.
  • Not to be seduced by all the pretty things in the Collector’s Editions.

That’s my short list. I figure I should start out small. Only time will tell if I manage to keep to them.