New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, New Year’s Day. Most of you though are probably talking in whispers and nursing a serious hangover. Maybe last night you too found the invisible champagne before the night was over.

No matter how you’re feeling today you will have likely made some resolutions for the coming year. Now I usually avoid setting myself up for failure and don’t make any resolutions. I figure that if I wanted to change then I’d do it no matter what time of year it is. This year though I decided to make some enjoyable resolutions, some gaming resolutions. So here’s my short list:

  • Get my Gamerscore up to at least 5K. I’ve had my Xbox 360 for two years and my score is pathetic.
  • To finish more games than I don’t. I have new game-itis. Buy a new game and forget to finish the previous one.
  • Not to be seduced by all the pretty things in the Collector’s Editions.

That’s my short list. I figure I should start out small. Only time will tell if I manage to keep to them.







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  1. John.B avatar

    I’ve rather erroneously set myself the challenge of climbing the staff gamerscore table on the right just a bit this year. I fear this is foolish.

    And I’ll join you in the collectors editions, I calculated I spent £100 on extra shit this year that I never use in gaming.

  2. Donna avatar

    I thought that a 5k gamerscore should be attainable.

    I don’t even want to think about how much I spent on extras in collector’s editions this last year.

  3. Lorna avatar

    I’m with you on the collector’s editions…they’re like being seduced by the dark side of the force 😀

  4. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I don’t make resolutions either, but did set myself a target to get 1k points from Tomb Riaider Underworld before 2008 was over.

    I bought just a few special editions last year, Fallout 3 was probs the best one as I got a Brotherhoof of Steel figure, but none of the others were that special.

  5. Lordstar avatar

    for the most part the special editions are pretty shit in the west. Just added tat which they feel the need to add another 10 quid or more to the price tag. some of the better special editions are the ones with controllers like the Puchi carrot for PS1 or the Otomedius Gorgeous + Hyper Stick Pro Otomedius Gorgeous Ver. which has this touch pad on it. Yeah ok so its 230 quid (there abouts with the P&P) but its something i would consider worth shelling out the extra for. I think the bobble head for Fallout 3 was fantastic and I could see the appeal of the GTA4 lock box and the Spartan helmet halo3 pack. But I thought the brother hood of steel figure was cheap looking myself. I may get the street fighter 4 LTD pack but the toys look a bit shit to me. if they have one with just the extra DVD for a little extra I may go for that one. But for the most part I dont buy in to them at all

  6. Donna avatar

    I’m a real sucker for figures and boxes. I love my GTA4 lockbox and my Fallout 3 lunchbox.

    Yes, they can see me coming a mile off.

  7. Ben avatar

    I love collector’s editions and used to buy any that I could, times have changed though and will only get one that I think is worth it (think only one I bought this year was a World of Warcraft one.) I would have loved a Viva Pinata CE, complete with Flapyak plushie :'(

    My new years resolution is to actually get of my lazy butt and do some / finish game mapping. I start a map, do it for a week or two then ignore it, so it’s about time I get to work on it properly.

  8. Michael avatar

    Your first resolution is probably the easiest of them; you’re nearly halfway there! Good luck with the other two! Just ration yourself (if possible) to one short/episodic type game (or a few, maybe, if on XBLA) and one long game at a time. Although don’t you have a PS3 too? So I wonder about your possible PS3 gaming…

    I’m not really tempted by collector’s editions so don’t really understand what you’re all on about there!

  9. Donna avatar

    It’s taken me over 2 years to get that 2k gamerscore. So another 2k is going tot ake some work in a year.

    I do have a PS3, so more gaming scores to build up there. Although I’m doing ok so far with trophies. And now that Fallout 3 has trophies when I play it through again I’ll get all of those too.

    I’m a real sucker for figures and often collector’s edition have figures or other groovy game items, like the Fallout 3 Lunchbox or the GTA 4 lock box.

  10. Olen Labo avatar

    your blog is perfect thanks

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