A Gaming Christmas

Playing games of Christmas past

The land is blanketed in snow foot-thick
In the hearth, a fire does roar
And gamers dream of gaming dreams
Of brave new worlds to explore 

For on Christmas Eve, this time of year
New games, new gifts, new toys
Are gathered for all the special kids
For all good girls and boys 

No wonder he's so sneaky!

A list is checked, he checks it twice
Sometimes he checks it more
Who has been good and fair and kind
And increased their gamerscore 

You see those with trophies, of silver and gold
And platinum, if they’re good
Can expect gifts of games, and consoles too!
With worlds for every mood 

There are those that love Halo, there are those that love COD
Some who race cars and more
But whatever your taste, be it offline or on
There’s always a game to adore 

And so comes the morning, I swore it never might come!
But presents shine under the tree
Will there be Fable, will it be Ops
Or will there be a PlayStation 3? 

At last time comes to pass, the presents passed round
Paper flies through the air like snow
It sparkles and glints, it shimmers and twists
It all makes a beautiful show 

Some gifts are surprises, and socks unexpected
Some are jumpers, or books old and new
But it’s the games that have your eye, for you can’t wait to find
That your videogame dream has come true 

Too tired for Cataclysm

All through the dinner (a banquet, a feast!)
We know what we cannot say
For it would be rude, don’t you think, to ask at the meal
“Is it time, can we please go and play?” 

“But what’s this?!” says the family, as the meal it does end
“Is that Kinect or a Move or a Wii?”
“We shall bowl and play tennis, and dance like the stars,”
“Until Granny knocks over the tree.” 

But now they’ve gone home, it’s just us at the last
We can game ’til our souls do soar!
“Games at last!” sing our hearts, “We’ll play them all, don’t you see?”
“I’ll just get some sleep before.” 

From me, and all of us at Ready Up, have a wonderful festive season and a very happy new year.







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