I have quite enjoyed putting theories behind the design of a helpful support character for a game I’m working on, which included making a list of support characters I hate, why I hate them, and a list of the ones I love, and why I love them. (The ‘hate’ list features the ilk of foul-mouthed, brain dead, walking-talking seekers of death and fast-moving bullets like Rico from Killzone and John Marston’s stupid horse, while the ‘love’ list only contained Agro from Shadow of the Colossus.)

It got me thinking, if I was a support character in a game, what would I do? What would be my role? Well, I decided to explore it.  The following encompasses my strong trend towards any archetype of character that can heal people, but also my lack of any sort of medical qualification. I love nothing more than healing my friends, and helping them out in the general health department. I’d play some sort of doctor, a medic on the front lines of battle, trying to do her best to help, even if she doesn’t have the medical knowledge to back it up.

So without further ado, and a little inspiration from Borderlands, I bring you my efforts as a video game medic:


“KNOX! It’s Lilith! She’s been bitten by a skag, shot in the neck by a midget, then violently clawed by an imaginative midget riding a skag!”

“Ahh, I see! In my experience, skag and midget wounds are quite common in the Borderlands. I know just what to do!”

Emily: “Since I possess no medical skill, I thought I’d set up a turret. She’s looking much better already!”

Later that day…

Brick: “Do you have a spare bandage for this cut?”

Emily: “Hmm… well, I’ve seen a few cuts in my time, but I don’t have any bandages with me. I have learned a few neat survival skills out here in the Borderlands though, so I’ve got a trick up my sleeve that’ll fix you up in no time.”



This is why I am not a doctor.







5 responses to “Medic!”

  1. Celeste avatar

    If I’m ever shot right in front of your eyes, be sure to leave me there to die in peace. Fanks.

  2. Emily avatar

    I’ll give you a turret, that’s what every woman wants when she’s been shot. A turret.

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I heard Lilith suffers from a failing claptrap too. Not sure if it’s a medical condition or not but Dr Zed said you were the one to ask about it.

  4. Tony avatar

    To quote Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes:
    “You’re as mad as a box of frogs wearing party hats!”

  5. Simon avatar

    Yeeeees the “horse with learning disabilities” from Family Guy.

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