Japan Underground

Love partying? Love Japan? Love … underground? Well then you’re in luck my friend, because it’s all being brought to you through the Japan Underground London Club Night.

Japan Underground is the baby of Tom Smith, a journalist and DJ who understands the impulses of ‘Japanophiles’ only too well and aims to pacify these impulses as best he can. The club night, which aims to ‘bring the buzz of Tokyo’s alternative nightlife to England’, exclusively plays Japanese music.

The opening party is being held on 17 November and has a Sengoku Basara theme – Japan’s popular feudal brawler franchise. It will run from 7pm to 2am, and in this time you will be treated to the Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings game from Capcom, showings of the anime series from Manga Entertainment, Japanese-style box and bar karaoke, a Sengoku Basara-themed DJ set, and performances from Japanese bands HITT and 10.

For the real Japanamaniacs there will also be some purikura – a photo session that lets you customise your pictures to add amusing backgrounds, effects and text.

The launch party is being held at King Pin Suit of Bloomsbury near Russell Square. Tickets are £5 (in advance) or £6 (on the door) –visit the blog site to purchase.







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  1. Ninja avatar

    Interesting (though surprisingly short) 🙂 Shame it’s London only… at least for now maybe?

    I’ve never heard of Tom Smith. Google tells me he’s either the lead singer of the Editors or a Japanese music journalist. Mystery solved!

    Now, what’s “Japanese-style box”? Or am I reading it out of context? I’m stumped either way.

  2. otaku128 avatar

    this is a very interesting
    article. more people need to see clubbing
    is harmonious with gaming. it would be
    terrible if eastern culture wasn’t embraced so thanks
    Celeste for writing about it.

    stop with the same old clubs and music
    selling the same experiences
    your best chance to help your
    self is to embrace otaku!

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    With this and replay you recently mentioned it seems you’re the one to ask about whats happening about town. 🙂

  4. Dean avatar

    Man this sounds so good!!!! I’m gutted not to be in London anymore:( I hope its successful and continues for a decent span of time so i can get to one in the future.

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