Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Changes

Following my recent gaming movement into the world of co-op only games, I have been continuing to play World of Warcraft and I’ve been working through a lot of the changes that have been made in the recent pre-expansion patch.

If you remember back to when I was talking about getting the gear, you had to grind a particular emblem, which you could get from daily and weekly quests, this has now been simplified and all of the emblems you had for the other stuff have been converted into a form of equipment currency called Justice Points.

This is a massive change in direction for WOW, instead of having to meet certain criteria before you can get equipment, it means that anyone can now grind random dungeons for Justice Points to get equipment, meaning you are no longer reliant on droves of people who play the game, who have no interest in dealing with you because you don’t have the right sort of magic trousers on.

I was initially very sceptical on how this game expansion was going to make the game easier for players to get into and enjoy, but with this simple change to getting equipment, I can already see how they are opening the game up for more people to enjoy.

Lots of changes have happened since the patch and so far I have been pleasantly surprised, plenty of thought has gone into the game’s subsystems like economy, offensive and defensive skills and character abilities, enough so that my sitting on the fence position has been changed to a pre-order.

Apparently, this guy changes everything, I'll see what he's saying when I'm smashing my hammer off his face







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  1. Craig avatar

    You could grind randoms before for emblems for decent kit, they’ve just made it a bit simpler to understand. Top level stuff will always only be available from the 10/25 man stuff though. They need to get their finger out and do a decent LFG tool for the Raids with the boss loot removed and everyone just gets a bag load of justice points. I don’t care much whether I have the bees knees of kit. I do care that I pay for content that I’m pretty much excluded from because I choose not be in a large guild full of eejits (or tag along with them).

  2. Walter avatar

    Yeah, it was easy enough for triumph badges, but for frost it was a real grind.

    All 25 man stuff will be available in 10 man instances now, 25 man will just yield more of them, which I think is an excellent idea 😀

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