Big Match Striker

Footy Footy Football!

Footy Footy Football!

Footy Footy Football!

In case you didn’t know, the football season has properly gone and started now. It’s literally happening right now and you’re missing it, unless we’re currently in one of those periods when the football isn’t actually happening but is about to start happening again imminently. What can be done?

Big Match Striker is what can be done.

Supermassive Games’ free-to-play PC football game went live last week.

Big Match Striker challenges players’ trivia and tactical knowledge as they battle head to head with each other. You’re required to make strategic decisions not just during matches but also between them, such as buying players, upgrading your stadium, installing extra features like burger vans to attract more fans and, most importantly, customising your kit and deciding which colour your merry band of pros will waltz brazenly out onto the pitch in. If that’s not too much for your leathery, grass-stained mind you’ll need to flex your quiz muscles to answer football trivia questions faster than your opponent, thus successfully completing passes/shots and creating chances to score.

The aim of the game is to launch your team up the divisions through both shrewd managerial choices and a strong knowledge of the top four divisions of the English game, but that’s not all. You’ll need to keep your finger on the bouncy, muddy football pulse as questions are added regularly in line with the latest happenings. Beyond that there are also plenty of questions about the wider football world to keep you on your toes, like a startled Cristiano Ronaldo in a ballet class.

Show Mourinho how it's done, give Wenger a headache and make Ferguson cry.

Community is a big part of the Big Match Striker experience. The hub features lively player forums with customisable profiles and the option to create your own leagues with friends. There’s a dedicated team of “Big Match Stewards” on hand to offer advice to players when required. Also on offer is up-to-date news and opinion from the English leagues and the wider world of football.

On top of all that, an energetic soundtrack features throughout, with some famous names, and the promise of a new track each month.

In your FACE Tez United.

I’ve jumped in and I’m already kicking arse and looking handsome, although probably not in the sort of way that people would notice. An earthy, understated handsome, like Wayne Rooney on a tractor. Anyway, I’m undeniably kicking arse. Three games, 8 goals scored, none conceded, and, crucially, my kit selection is sheer magic. There’s a vibrant and unique visual style, you’re up and running nice and fast and it’s all reassuringly addictive. Check it out and get involved if it sounds like your (onion) bag.

Ha! Football references. I have them.







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  1. MrBenn avatar

    This game is a real laugh, unlike anything else out there 🙂

  2. Barry avatar

    Think I’ll have to check this out later.

    Looks like a more feature packed and glitzy Xpert Eleven 🙂

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