You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Colour Your PSP Is

Because, let’s face it, we all look pretty fudging fantastic at the helm of a controller; wind blowing through your hair, face caked with make-up to cover the imperfections, happy smiling faces gazing with wonder at the screen in front.

Actually, that’s not right is it? I’m more than likely grasping a controller with sweaty fingers and uttering obscenities from underneath a trail of crumbs, the only thing actually immersing me these days is the smell of pizza (this is also a lie, my oven is currently broken so there’s no pizza for me).

I recently had the opportunity to experience this wind-in-your-hair “hey gurlz play games too!” nonesense, when a good fun photo shoot took a turn for the even better when I whipped out a rather dazzling limited edition Final Fantasy VII 10th anniversary PSP and a black DS Lite.  Our photographer (who I imagine had been snapping different people in the same generic poses on bubble chairs, leaning on tables and lounging across sofas for the whole day) suddenly showed a big burst of enthusiasm and talked about some promotional shots he’d previously done for games companies, and then his head was ticking in the “let’s make a video game stock photo!” direction.

Me and my friend (who is also of the ‘gamer’ variety) were told to fight over the DS, hold our handhelds at arms length and stand in front of a fan on the ground, and the results were most amusing (albeit expensive, so I can’t show you all the images, such as the epic DS fight). It is at this point I chose to use my Photoshop powers for evil, rather than good, because pointing and laughing at games marketing towards women is an enjoyable pastime. Now I must go to paint my room pink, ride ponies, brush my hair, and dip the PSP in a tub of lilac paint.


11 responses to “You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Colour Your PSP Is”

  1. Alex Austin avatar
    Alex Austin

    Why do I suddenly want a limited edition Final Fantasy VII 10th anniversary PSP?

  2. Joanne avatar

    Is it wrong that I am actually thinking ‘ooo pretty’?

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    OMG someone’s still using a PSP. 😀

    My handheld consoles rarely see any use anymore. PSP is used for video when travelling, although I did play Puzzle Quest on it in May during the MCM weekend.

    Cool pic.

  4. Duncan avatar

    Your photoshoot so totally wins over Sony’s…

  5. Emily avatar

    Because you need one Alex! Feel the power of the wind fan!

  6. Stuart avatar

    I also need to purchase Final Fantasy VII (10th anniversary) for PSP, before locating a crimson-haired compatriot to comment on Cloud’s stupid hair whilst in a wind tunnel!

  7. […] As far as I’m concerned anyone who uses a ‘Z’ instead of an ‘S’ deserves to be mocked. If you want to see what I’m getting at, read You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Colour Your PSP Is. […]

  8. Paul avatar

    Damn straight! Sony can go shove that lilac PSP where the sun don’t shine…

  9. Celeste avatar

    I demand to see the epic DS fight! It can’t be better than the one I had if we’re counting bruises.

  10. TeldurUK avatar

    Emily, me thinks you should pass this onto Sony’s marketing department, they really could do with a hand.

    The poor PSP. Although I admit…mine doesn’t get all that much love…I cannot wait for the new Kingdom Hearts game, and I’m yet to complete Dissdia

  11. Emily avatar

    This ones bursting with Metal Gear love, I have four MGS games to play on there that demand my attention, I’m not sure if my boyfriend will ever get it back!

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