Summer Of Son-eeeek!!!

If it isn’t clear from the title, the eeeek is the sound of an excited girlish squeal. One that is so high pitched that – even as the word ‘eeeek’ was typed – the windows in my house shattered around me, car alarms started sounding loudly and the local dog population (not including those sat watching Jeremy Kyle) are now barking madly.

Yes, Summer of Sonic is back again this weekend and… you know what? I can’t freaking wait! It’s a completely free event held at The Pavilion in London’s Shepherd’s Bush, and it’s all Sonic and Sega related goodness.  So it’s only right that Ready Up’s Space Channel 5 cosplayer is going to the event. That’s me, by the way.

I have been going to the event since 2008 and it’s really grown in size and popularity, and each year gets better. This year they have royally kicked the crap out of previous years because the legendary and almost kingly Crush 40 are performing live for their loyal minions… and me! For those of you who do not know Crush 40, shame on you! But I guarantee you have heard of their music before and anyone who has ever played any of the 3D Sonic games will have witnessed Crush 40’s rocking soundtrack.

Cheesy rock songs such as ‘Live and Learn‘ from Sonic Adventure 2 and ‘What I’m Made Of’ from Sonic Heroes are just some of the awesome tunes they have produced. They even made the Shadow the Hedgehog game, that teeny weeny bit more playable. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still an unworthy emo fringe of a game, but if you don’t play it and just listen to the music, it’s fine.

It seems you can’t have any large social gathering of geeks without a cosplay competition. It’s like that shiny colourful handbag that makes a great addition to anyone’s dull and dreary outfit. So, as I will be attending Summer of Sonic in white PVC I may as well enter the competition and try my luck to win a trophy. If there’s free shiny stuff involved then damn straight I’ll be there!! I need a trophy for just being able to walk around in those Ulala hooker stiletto heels!

If I fail to win the cosplay trophy then I will attempt the Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing challenge to win a secondary backup trophy… I will be going home with one of them, trust me… even if I ‘m not the… original winner. Although I may need someone to swipe the trophy for me while I distract the real winner with my ‘Chu Chus’.

There’s loads of other Sonic related things and people to see at Summer of Sonic, so why not come along on Saturday to The Pavilion at Shepherds Bush. Play Sonic games, get free Sonic stuff and watch me squeal loudly at the front of the Crush 40 crowd and shatter more windows. I promise only minimal broken glass in the eye… unless of course I don’t get my trophy!







2 responses to “Summer Of Son-eeeek!!!”

  1. Michael avatar

    Oh dear God, that’s awesome. Sega <3

    I'd be totally OK with some cool merchandise from there, I'd even pay! 😉

  2. Andy T avatar
    Andy T

    Arrrg I was in London last weekend…Damn it all to the depths of hell!

    Have fun for me…tell Crush 40 they rock from me (you may then need to tell them who I am as we’ve ever actually met.)

    This is going on my calender for next year.

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