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I play a lot of games. You probably play a lot of games too. They’re awesome, ain’t they? Now more so than ever; they just keep getting better. They keep surprising us, making us think, challenging us and sometimes shocking us. We never know what good devs are gonna come up with next. What surprises are round the corner. The next big thing may be being dreamed up, tested or finalised right now.

You know what kind of games I like best? Well, let me tell you, just to make sure. I like first-person shooters. I prefer the multiplayer modes. I like stats, scoreboards and medals. I like space marines, aliens and lasers, and I love Halo.

So, in case you hadn’t heard (yeah right), there’s a new Halo game due out in September – Halo Reach. It tells the story of Noble Team, a squad of Spartans, battling the Covenant on the human planet of Reach. I was looking forward to the campaign, excited about more Firefight, absolutely dying to play the multiplayer, and then I saw this:


Now this is something I never thought I’d hear myself say about a Halo game, but stuff the multiplayer! I wanna play in Forge World! I want to roam around, solo, just playing, doing anything or nothing. I’ll make myself a fort full of rocket launchers, spell out my gamertag in the sky using battle rifles and place a teleporter over a pit of fusion coils so that the only way to get out is spectacular, explosive suicide.

Then I’ll invite all my friends to jump in and marvel at the wonderful things I’ve created. Or jump into their world and marvel at the wonderful (likely penis-shaped) things they’ve created. We can fight it out using Scorpions and Banshees, play Grifball and drop Warthogs into killballs. We can discover the land together, stop to admire the view, quietly, until one of us throws a sneaky plasma grenade at another player’s head, starting a free for all that will last for hours. The only limit will be our imaginations.

Ranking up and destroying n00bs doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be half as much fun as carefully and lovingly, building and creating, then killing and blowing things up in my very own corner of the Halo universe.






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  1. Ben Greenough avatar
    Ben Greenough

    I feel the same about Forge world, the introduction of forge in Halo 3 was epic to say the least. I probably spent 75% of my time with friends on forge, the introduction of forge world has really opened my eyes to just how much better forge is becoming and I’m sad to hear it’s the last halo game.

  2. Graeme (GraeXZ) avatar
    Graeme (GraeXZ)

    So, now I want to buy Halo Reach

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