My Gaming C.V.

Affro King


E-mail: [email protected]

Date of Birth: 27-Sep-1978

Nicknames: affro / affroking / kingaffro


Toshiba – MSX [1984 – 1986]

In 1984 I was exposed to a device called the Toshiba MSX, This gained me access to my first few computer games, including; The Race, Ghostbusters the Video Game and Manic Miner

Sega –  Master System [1987 – 1992]

With the most comprehensive collection of Master system carts on my street, I quickly became the go to guy for advice on which games were good, which were bad and which were to be avoided, as every Master system owner was, I was a master of Alex the Kidd in Miracle world.

Nintendo – Gameboy [1990-1994]

Spending most mornings in my youth delivering papers and milk, the Nintendo Gameboy was a pre-requisite to the job. The first console I ever bought with my own hard earned cash, this stayed by my side at all times, including at school where we would use the link cable to get some excellent multiplayer games on the go.

Nintendo – Super Nintendo [1992 – 1996]

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have fond memories of this console, this console stole many days and weeks of my life, fantastic games, excellent multiplayer experiences, I still have my original SNES console, controllers and boxes and boxes of games.

Sega – Saturn [1996 – 1999]

The Sega Saturn introduced me to light guns and sport games, Virtual Cop 2 and World Series 98, I spent hundreds of hours playing baseball, literally hundreds.

Sega – Dreamcast [1999 – 2002]

Being a fighter fan, the Dreamcast was the perfect console for me, with so many games available from Capcom like the VS series and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike I learned my craft on this console, this is where I learned how to use a Joystick over a controller.

Microsoft – Xbox [2002 – 2005]

The Xbox opened up a whole new console era for me, online multiplayer, the main focus of that being initially Midtown Madness 3, with the ease of connectivity and high resolution output options available, I took this experience a step further by running a game night in a pub in Glasgow called Xbox-Gaming, we had 4 consoles, 4 projectors and 4 two metre projector screens. We networked up the consoles and would regularly run 16 player Halo 2 games.

Microsoft – Xbox 360 [2005 – Current]

I’m currently sitting on my 3rd Xbox 360, which by all accords is pretty decent given its reliability, with my collection of games growing to over 250, I’m always able to find something to keep me going with this console, multiplayer gaming, Xbox Marketplace and a friends list to help me jump into games with friends make this an absolute neccesity.

PC Gaming [1995 – Current]

Alongside all of this console gaming, I’ve been PC gaming, pretty much on an even level as playing consoles, up until recently I think I must have spent about 20 hours a week playing games on my PC, with the ease of use that the Xbox 360 provides and with the ease of joining friends online, the consoles have squeezed out the PC on the gaming list, I still have about 40 games installed on my PC and a Steam account worth about £1000 and I will drop everything to attend a LAN event on an hour’s notice. There are some things that will never change!

Technical Background and Experience Summary
Peripheral maintenance [Controller repairs]

TV output options [Svideo – HDMI – Component – Composite – VGA]

Extensive arcade experience [Hands on]

Arcade stick modification [Dreamcast and Xbox 360]

Customisation of console hardware [Mostly with stickers]

Extensive late night sessions have given me the ability to ignore sleep!

Recently levelled a character to level 80 in WOW

Extensive MMO grinding capability

Attended 15 Insomnia series LAN events


My education was something that happened alongside my gaming, it was definitely far from the main focus when I had a controller in my hands.








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  1. Zoey avatar

    You may have been A master of Alex Kidd in Miracle World but I was THE master. Just saying 😛 Kudos on the brilliant idea. I want to make one now as well!

  2. Markatansky avatar

    Reminds me of a CV some guy did in the style of a D&D character sheet. Both are awesome. 😀

  3. Jonny/IV DemonJ avatar
    Jonny/IV DemonJ

    Its when you write it down that you realise how much of your free time gaming really takes up, that said I would kill to be a at LAN night most of the time. Real life is for saddos.

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