A Love Letter to my Xbox

Having recently been away for a week it struck me how much gaming is an essential part of my day to day life. I was away with fellow gamers yet console-less. Ok, it would have been anti-social to sit in a corner and rack up the achievements but still…Who am I kidding? They would have done the same. Despite an exciting time packed with live music, sea turtles (don’t ask) and drinks in the sun, tiredness seemed to bring out the need to curl up on a sofa with a pad in my hand. If my 360 could feel I’m sure it would have missed me terribly. After all, we spend so much time together! I thought about how people expressed their affection over the ages, and realised the only way forward was to write a soppy poem for my 360. Here’s hoping it forgives me:

Left alone for a week, it must make you sad
All the enjoyment you can give me, all the fun we could have had
But I left you still, for the big wide world
Though I found myself missing you as the week unfurled
Caught up in the wonders of music and romance
I still thought of the achievements I could have chanced
Through the times good and bad, you’re always there,
Except when you show me a vacant red glare!

The music raged on and the drink did flow
But part of me wondered when it was my go
Surrounded by gamers discussing your might
I wanted you there for mornings and nights
The wonders you give me stay with my mind
When I am away I’m with the gaming inclined
All the games I had missed, all those nearly beat
I’m glad I’m back with you. You make me complete.







3 responses to “A Love Letter to my Xbox”

  1. Dave G avatar
    Dave G

    Hehe – love it!

  2. Markatansky avatar

    Reminds of when I found my first love. SNES FTW.

  3. Matt avatar

    My poor 360 has been sorely neglected of late too. I’ve just been using it to watch movies after getting merry at the pub, like it’s just a regular DVD player! The sorry soul hasn’t had a chance to use its sophisticated processor or graphics chip at all for weeks – I feel like so shallow!

    If our relationship is to be saved, I think we need to spend some deep, quality gaming time together.

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