Complete Escapism!

Hmm. I think… yes, I think today I shall become a Soldier. I’ll run around in circles and shoot mindlessly at another Soldier purely because he was designed to wear another uniform. It’s always fun to shoot the other Soldier because everytime I get lucky a big fat ‘100’ appears over his head, and that makes me happy. If I get shot, I am still happy because death doesn’t last long. I will respawn in a few seconds and then I can wreak more havoc. I am the ultimate soldier. Yesterday, I wasn’t a soldier, though. I was a little pink worm. Well actually, I was a group of little pink worms that I had named ‘The Evil Ones’. I.. we all had stereotypically british accents and spent more time blowing up ourselves than our enemies. I was also deathly afraid of water. I’ve never been afraid of water before, but I suppose I can handle being afraid for today, seeing as it kills me and all that…


Tomorrow, I think I will become a blue hedgehog. It won’t be the first time I’ve been spiky and fast but it sure is fun jumping on everybody’s heads. Or shall I take the serious approach? Should I call myself Ethan and wander around the dirty mannequin infested lairs of the homeless, equipped with the latest in forensic technology, looking for a crazed psychopath killer? So much choice. I would become a race car driver but I crash all the time and drive backwards. I don’t know what gets into me once I get behind the wheel. Anyone would think I had no co-ordination. I suppose I can always do what I did last week and place myself in a world of zombies. Yes, I think I might. But still the choice remains.. Should I take the semi-serious route? Should I arm myself with a camera? Dress up in kid’s clothes, putting sombreros on the heads of the undead, while beating them senseless with a lightsaber toy? Or should I put on a leather jacket, team up with 3 others and claim I hate everything in sight whilst blasting everything that dares cross my path (avoiding that pesky witch, of course)?

I Hate Reality!
I Hate Reality!

What difficulty level should I set myself? What with the checkpoints, I need not worry about dying at all! Of course, it does get a little irritating repeating myself so much.. hearing the same dialogue like the character forgot that they only spoke to me a minute ago, just before I died. Oh, it must have been the shock. Sometimes it makes people forget things. How about Normal? I’ve never done this level before and I like to know the game before anything too challenging.

After an hour of becoming a writer, looking for my wife and exploring strange goings on in the dark at a seemingly peaceful town, I reach forward, turn off my console and return to the world of reality. I will be honest, my life is not boring in the least. I work too hard to ever become bored. But I love my passion for gaming, and the way that you can completely escape into them. Unlike films, you are the characters. Not just observing them.







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