London Anime Convention

Taking place on June 26th for 800 happy/crazy fans is London’s only true anime and gaming convention, London Anime Convention! Watch your favourite Anime, play your favourite video games and show off your mad artwork skills while chilling with other artists in the Artist Alley. Dress up and enter many Cosplay Events; buy Anime & Manga from the many dealers rooms; enter events like our DDR Tournament and take part in a pub quiz. That’s not all…

Feeling educational? Why not learn about Japanese Culture? Then when you are all ‘knowledged up’, you can party away all night and forget everything you just learned about Japan. Oh, and how about listening to me – your very own ‘Ready Upper’ Fran – babbling on about this ‘Cosplay: The Musical’ thingummy I’ve been working on for ages… Yes, I will be there, dressed up Commander Shepard styleee, to help promote a project that I had conjured up over watching too many episodes of ‘Glee’. It’s probably the first time many of you have heard about my musical, but I never mentioned it much in case it went… well, ‘tits up’. And after Saturday, if you don’t hear about it again, you’ll know why.


Slighty more impressive than me talking crap for half an hour, Nintendo will be attending and sponsoring London Anime Con, so make sure you visit the dealers and events hall to check out the ‘Nindy’ zone where you can get your hands on the blumming awesome ‘Super Mario Galaxy 2’ on the Wii as well as the chance to play Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS before its UK release!

As well as the aforementioned Anime fun there will be also lots of gaming competitions and tournaments which will include, Bomberman DS, Tetris DS, Super Street Fighter 4, DDR, Rock Band and BlazBlue. There will also be the more traditional PUB QUIZ (you will probably find me floating around the bar area). Plus there’s a Garden Area outside at the event for people to sit down in, relax and chat to other attendees.  Seeing as it’s going to be around 28 degrees on Saturday, don’t forget the sun cream! I think a nice shaded outdoor area will be well needed, especially when turning up in a Mass Effect 2 Cerberus suit like I will be doing!


Registrations for pre-bookings are available until the end of Thursday provided you can pay by Paypal! For more information and to sign up and pay, simply go and register at the website. It takes less than a minute and means that you will get in for £6 instead of the £8 that you pay on the door if you just turn up on the day!







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  1. Joe aka thiswayup avatar
    Joe aka thiswayup

    I heard those rather excellent DS:London lot are also coming down to rock up a party 😉

  2. Michael avatar

    Would’ve dearly liked to go to this since reading the previous write-up but first there was that beachfest I was gonna hit and then other stuff came up that knocked both those options off the table! Oh well.

    Good luck with your musical 🙂

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