A Whole Year!?

I am a huge Gears of War fan. I played the first one to death and the second even more. Since the completion of the second game, I have been waiting patiently, wondering to myself what the third game will be like, and keeping myself busy with other awesome games.

Last week, though, something caught my eye on the Xbox dashboard. A familiar logo, drawing  me in. The Gears of War 3 teaser trailer.

The Locust are Back! ..Well, not quite yet.
The Locust are Back! Well, not quite yet.

I could feel my anticipation as I downloaded and watched the trailer, the questions created from the end of the second game resurfacing, along with a million new questions. Ashes to Ashes? What has happened since Gears of War 2? Why do they look like they are losing badly? Is that female COG Anya? Why is Dom all beardy? I watched the teaser trailer and almost wished I hadn’t. I just want to play the game right now and I’ve got to wait until April 2011 and that’s just too far away!

Someone needs a shave..
Someone needs a shave.

Of course, this is the whole point of a teaser trailer, to make a game look completely and utterly brilliant and to only give you a tiny snippet of what’s happening so you can come to your own conclusions about what’s going on. It makes for great conversations with other gamers and we can create the wildest theories, but the fact remains that we won’t know anything solid for a long time yet, won’t be able to play the game for even longer, and it’s torture!

A female COG, looks like the rumours were true.
A female COG, looks like the rumours were true.

Well, it’s a long wait yet and I’m feeling very impatient, but at least it’s looking great, and at least there’s a lot of other games out there to divert my attention for a while.







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  1. Darach avatar

    I loved the song they put to this ad. Really atmospheric.

    And the whole thing kinda shows how much games are ape-ing the movie industry more and more all the time, don’tcha think? Between this and the Halo Reach Beta ad on tv, you’d think there was money to be made in games or something.

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