Blue Toad Murder Files: Episodes 4-6

Little Riddle has been a hotbed of murder and intrigue for just short of four months now. Since December last year, when the case file opened, there have been several murders, theft and an arson and now, in the final episodes of the first season, we’re set for more puzzle-based shenanigans and crimes amongst the green grass and quaint buildings as we finally find out who’s behind the murder spree set in motion with the death of the Mayor and close the case file on The Mysteries of Little Riddle.

By this point in the series you know what to expect in terms of the gameplay, graphics and sound. Everything is as it was before – however the three episodes contained in this pack have some exceptional writing in them, and more than a few twists and turns between here and the big reveal. Any game that can insert the phrase “..having brown-trousered you…” into its script is worthy of a round of applause and that’s exactly what Relentless bring to the table here.

There are still new characters being introduced into the mix, even at this late stage in the game and as with those that have gone before them, they are beautifully realised and unique. You’ll catch up with the baker and the chef in these episodes – as well rounded as the regular characters and you’ll be pleased to know, the “scum!” shouting butcher is back on the scene as well providing scathing social commentary when required.

Each episode runs at about an hour to an hour and a half  long, as with previous installments but this is, as ever, dependent on how quickly you can solve those puzzles. During my playthrough I spent 11 minutes (I know, 11 bloody minutes) solving one particular puzzle (I won’t say which, as it’s deeply shameful to be honest) and was cruely mocked by the narrator for taking so long but then found myself solving other puzzles in less than a minute – so it’s all pretty dependant on how your brain is working when you play.  I didn’t finish the story until close to 1am, a time at which most higher brain functions have ceased, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

There was a tinge of disappointment in the final three episodes as, by the close of episode four you have a reasonably sure idea who the culprit is, leaving me feeling a little short-changed. However I should have had more faith. Relentless have delivered a brilliantly twisty-turny final third, bringing the series to a climactic close as all brilliant detective shows do. And, I’ll tell you this for nothing, make sure you watch until the very end of the credits. Do not wander off, do not flick onto another channel. Stay glued to your screens for the one final twist to the game which, hopefully, means that the Blue Toad Murder Files will be opened once more.







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