The Best Gaming Reputation

My friends on Xbox Live kind of group up with the various games I play from shooters, fighters to puzzlers and so on. Some people have played with me since I first got my Xbox 360 Elite and they’ve seen me through my growth as a gamer. Others have encountered me first hand while I was playing at my best and friendly rivalries continue today. However I often find myself being named ‘modest’ when it comes to gaming, I mean sure I’m fairly good across the genres but sometimes I truly wonder why and how I’m suddenly found holding a reputation. With that people have since added things to the Xbox game invites with ‘let’s see how good you are’ or ‘let’s have a game but you’ll no doubt win anyway’.

There are people who roar a lot about their winning streaks, there are some who don’t and there are others who rumour or talk of your wins to others. Whichever way it goes when you come face to face with whoever it may be, take it from me and remember ‘you win some, you lose some’. That’s all. Chances are you could probably win, maybe make a name for yourself for beating them and that’s when you prop yourself up thinking, “oh, you’re not that great then…”

A funny thing from my experience, when people lose to you in a game, they say, “If this was <insert a different game title to the one you are currently playing> then I’d easily be owning you”. Well it’s not is it? LOL.

My personality as a gamer is cheeky and everyone’s seen that in games, forums, Xbox Live parties and so on. So as Simes mentioned already I made rivalries in the 24 hour Burnout Paradise marathon and you’ve got to admit, it’s kind of humouring to have a toy car pulling up close to you with its high pitch revving trying to stare you out. There you go, that’s one of the many games that I’m not so great at but willing to keep going with because it’s fun.

So abilities, skill and reputation regardless, the thing I notice most about gamers is their attitude. Winning can be a dangerous pride and there’s a lot of players who can get so emotional about it. Is it really worth getting upset that after all your months of practice you get headshot by a fresh face? At times I lose at my own favourite games too, but if anything you learn from where you went wrong. Practice makes perfect and that to me, is where gamers of good reputation come from. Everyone has to start from somewhere because nobody was born a great!

So here at Ready Up, the writers and the community; you’re all winners to me, whether you’re good, whether you’re learning, whether you’re funny, whether you’re a crazy gamer, no matter your ‘reputation’ (as long as you’re not unpleasant) there’s a lot of good games, a bundle of laughs and support for your growth as a gamer.








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  1. Michael avatar

    I IS TEH WINNAR! ^_^

    ‘when people lose to you in a game, they say, “If this was then I’d easily be owning you” Well it’s not is it? LOL’

    I’ve never said that to you…

  2. Michael avatar

    OK, that quote makes no sense… I IS TEH LOSAR AT C&P! 🙁

  3. DunK avatar

    I remember e-bickering with you during the Burnout marathon.

    You and your lil’ baby Jansen wouldn’t stop nudging me! 😛

  4. Jay avatar

    To your credit, when I beat your Sakura with my Dhalsim recently, you took the loss graciously 😉

  5. Simes avatar

    I like to respond to the “I’d easily be owning you” people with:

    “So what you’re saying is, if this was a game you were better at than me, you’d be better at it than me?”

  6. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I have not played anything against you Shaz, (about from the slight bout on Burnout, but that was more for completing challenges). I like playing against friends because win/lose you have a laugh.

    Having a bad loser is one thing, someone who throws a tantrum or quits to avoid the lose, but I hate bad winners more. Someone who cannot be gracious and sees fit to, figuratively, scream in your face about it. Banter is all well and good, but have a bit of decorum, don’t overdo it/push it too far.

    Winning/losing against someone in good spirits will help build friendships or friendly rivalries. And I have always believed if you play someone better than you, then you will improve. No one wants to play with someone who is obnoxious.

    However, when I find something we both enjoy playing Shaz, ‘You are going down’ – or something like that. :p

  7. waxc3 avatar

    i loved playing with you shaz! we only played sf4 that one day (when my friend was expecting me but i couldnt walk away…) but i had a great time.
    we both won and lost and had happy fun conversation. 🙂

  8. Loz avatar

    awesome blog shaz! i look forward to gaming with u at some point!!

  9. Anthony avatar

    I always look for games and people I can have fun with regardless of whether I win or lose. That’s why I love this community so much.

  10. theBlackHalo avatar

    Just when are you going to beat my scores on Tetris Friends?? ;P

  11. Big bonus avatar
    Big bonus

    Hi it is me.
    Where are You

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