Now who’s being silly?

*Scene One*

As Team Ready Up fought fierce on the battlefield of Call of Duty 4, cautious but deadly Kirsten is scouting on the outskirts, cackling inside her head at the idea of giving the enemy the element of surprise, followed by Tony zipping around cover to cover in confidence as a veteran shooter. The team are pretty much working in small armies of twos. Meanwhile back at spawn camp Dan is just taking a break while it’s safe, maybe sipping a bit of tea. Suddenly a soldier appears out of nowhere. Time to get back into the fight as the fresh face is starting to strafe all over the place and is probably wondering what’s happened to Dan, as Dan picks up the controller he notices the strange behaviour of this soldier, running around in circles and firing their gun endlessly, “Umm Shaz what are you doing?”

*Scene Two*

Smackdown VS Raw 08, the arena is packed and the noise of the crowd is huge. The announcer in the ring roars down the microphone, “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”  The fans respond in excitement and the atmosphere intensifies as the big muscle players are making their grand entrances towards the ring. Only one more person left to enter the ring for the main event, a triple threat match. The lights dim and fireworks blast like crazy, hardcore metal pounds through the arena speakers and as the blue smoke clears at the entrance. The mysterious wrestler standing in place is revealed, “Gaah ha ha ha, what the f*ck is that?!” Tiq surrenders to ROFL’ing as Shaz’s virtual, deformed, tall, chicken legged, but chest of a beast character struts down the ramp. ‘Binky’ the male wrestler with an unnaturally large proportioned head, a single antenna on his head, waving his long slender twig-like arms, proudly pouting his huge white lips, his man body squeezed in women’s lingerie, cone shaped legs narrowing to dainty feet, Binky carries himself to the ring ignoring the cruel belly laughs of the other players in the game channel.

*Scene Three*

It’s a peaceful evening in the U.K, Ready Up folk and the community are found springing up on Xbox Live mingling in party chats, debating, gossiping and challenging each other to multiplayers. The chatter soon draws to a silence as people are focusing a little more on their gaming tasks with the occasional spout of co-op language. After a minute’s silence for some reason a chimpanzee begins making noises and giggles in the room. ‘Who’s making monkey noises?’ questions the people of the party, silence. The guilty joins in the questioning, the party laugh and carry on gaming. As somebody starts a conversation another chimpanzee noise is bellowed through the Xbox headset followed by a giggle, members begin to laugh and once more pursue who is behind the silliness, one immediately replies, “Guys it’s Shaz, I saw her mic icon flash!”

*The Confession – cue ‘The Entertainer‘ music track*

So yeah, I raise my two tiny hands high in the air and admit that I’m the silly one. It’s me who’s bunny-hopping as the gang travel across Saints Row 2, it’s me who’s running in circles around a fellow COG while swinging a smoke grenade, it’s me who ignores all tactics of Left 4 Dead, throwing the molotov at the Witch and running away ecstaticlly screaming like a five year old playing tag. It’s me playing Xianghua in Soul Calibur IV trying to win the match by throwing a tantrum on the floor. It’s me responsible for getting everyone killed in a game of GTA IV Cops and Crooks because I demanded that the crooks all swam to the get-away vehicle.

I’m afraid there is no explanation to this blog, the simple fact is that at some point you will encounter some silliness over Xbox Live. It’s just one of my strange attributes which can kick in anytime, anywhere, so be warned my friends. Behaviour out of the norm is no glitch, it’s probably just me being silly. Good rep please!







9 responses to “Now who’s being silly?”

  1. Barry avatar

    Thats the Shaz we all know and love, we wouldnt want you to be any different 😀

  2. arc14716 avatar

    yeah, that tantrum thing drove me nuts. Until I figured out the perfect way to beat it. Just back up and stand in the corner and wait you out. Sooner or later, you’ll then have to get up and go back to fighting me. Or let time run out, and if I happen to have more life than you when it does–I win! Yay!

    Too bad my 360 is red ringed. I miss play SoulCalibur IV with you now that I’m typing this.

  3. Laura avatar

    I save the spinning round firing bullets thing for the end of a match, that’s my victory dance :p

  4. Michael avatar

    Oy my God, I do that as well Laura! Do you look up as you’re doing it?

  5.  avatar

    I’m, onto you, shaz!!

  6. Tiq avatar

    Lolz, that was me, stupid anonymous posting.

  7.  avatar

    All work and no play makes anyone a dull gamer 😛

  8. Darach avatar

    I object! We’re not here to have fun you know, little miss. Playing is a serious business and you’d do well to remember that. 😉

  9. JWONG avatar

    your sakura has been acting silly hehehe

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