Living Dead Girl

My gamertag is “Libitina”. Should you have Googled it at any point you would have discovered Libitina is a now defunct goth rock band or that I am in fact the Roman Goddess of death, funerals and corpses. Yes, I named myself after a Goddess. No, I do not have ego-issues.

There is also a touch of irony with my online persona being the Grim Reaper-ess of Rome.

sooner or later you dance with the reaper

Over my years of gaming I have become at peace with Death. He is my constant companion. He stands at my shoulder, and slowly lures me to my fate. If there is a level with water? I will drown. If there is a race? My vehicle will explode into a fireball. If there are spikes? That is where I launch my virtual body. Guitar Hero on any setting other than easy? Booed offstage. Which is probably a fate worse than death.

Once upon a time this was all a cause of anger, rage and frustration. Hell hath no fury like a gamer girl scorned. I’ve hurled such foul abuse at Sonic and *gulp* told Bubble and Bobble I wish they’d never been born. However I’ve grown to accept the path of my demise. I now thrive off dying. I know my place in the gaming world and it is that crumpled corpse you pass by on the floor. I cackle with glee when you’ve stabbed me in the back for the fifth time in a row on Call of Duty 4. I whoop with delight when the SWAT team finally catch up with me on Grand Theft Auto. I still hurl abuse at Sonic though. Some things will never change.

Left 4 Dead

There is however one game, and one game alone, where I am out to get you. A glimmer of hope on my death-riddled horizon, where I can bring you pain and you will feel Libitina’s godly wrath! All thanks to some highly intensive training from fellow Ready Up members.

Me and Zoey? We are one. No Infected is safe from my bullets. I throw pipe bombs like there is no tomorrow. Because there is no tomorrow, this is the zombie apocalypse! I am that suicidal Boomer who will coat you in stinky green vomit, I am the flaming Hunter who will flail wildly across your screens but eventually rip you apart, I am the Smoker who will tongue you from afar (I see you smirking at the back there, stop it), I am the Tank who will spawn miles away, get lost and fail to make any damage.

Okay so I have some Left 4 Dead areas to work on. Libitank can often be a laughable affair and I have to battle my own team shutting me in dark cupboards but by jove for those brief hours life is sweet and Death, for once, is my sidekick.







15 responses to “Living Dead Girl”

  1. DunK avatar

    Haha – awesome blog Kat, truly awesome!

    I’d make a further comment about L4D, but I already know you have far surpassed me in the skill department. 😉

  2. Michael avatar

    What if there’s a race on water? ;D

    Like the throwing Jove in there as well!

  3. arc14716 avatar

    You know, I half expected you to say that you were Darkwing Duck in thet second to the last paragraph in your blog. With all those “I am . . .” things you were saying.

    Nice first blog.

  4. arc14716 avatar

    Anyone interested in what I meant by my comment in #3, copy and paste the following link:

    and prepare to laugh your head off.

  5. Laura avatar

    Very nice blog there Libi ;D

    Welcome to the team! 🙂

  6. Darach avatar

    All this dying you do, doesn’t stop you kicking my ass at Peggle tho, does it? :p Or Worms. 🙂

    *whispers* She’s a Peggle demon, I tell ya. 😉

    Lovely blog Lib, And welcome to our show. 😀

  7. DunK avatar

    My first comment looks so l33t. First comment FTW. 🙂

  8. DunK avatar

    P.s. Don’t what you were worrying about, your picture looks stunning. Congratulations again. 😉

  9. Barry avatar

    Yay! A great blog Kat!

    I read it yesterday when it slipped the net 🙂

  10. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    First of many posts Kat. Good introduction to yourself, although we all know you anyhow seeing as you’re popular, one of the cool kids.

    Well done on being part of Ready Up.

  11. Loz avatar

    A girl after my own heart! nothing can beat the undead! hopefully we can hook up for some double girlie zombie action! awesome introduction – welcome to the family!! 🙂 xxx

  12. Scott avatar

    Haha, Libitank. Brilliant! 😀

    … Worrying about your picture? Have you /seen/ mine? I look like I’ve just come out of a microwave oven.

  13. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Only just catching up with the blogs from the last few days – loving this Libi! Jolly good show!

    I am going to keep calling you Libi for the forseeable future, just so you know……

  14. Lorna avatar

    Just catching up too…fantastic blog Kat 😀 So you’re the gaming equivalent of the Beano’s James, the unlucky chap who constaly flirts with misfortune? :))

    Sounds like you’d do well paired up with Laura…she’s good at sending folk to their doom I hear 😉

  15. Lorna avatar

    Fimo Maw characters…inspired…:D

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