Something (else) gave

A short and (not so) sweet one from me, an ode to consoles lost.

Alas, it seems my rather optimistic post had come too soon. My Wii was already lost by this point, and now another mechanical beauty has fallen. Those of you who have me added on Facebook will already know, but there was a battle of finances vs. consoles and sadly, one of my consoles lost.

Goodbye, Xbox 360. You’d been with me for almost two years. While my friends’ consoles red ringed and fell to the ground, you held fast. You were there. Never flinching, never failing, never even scratching a disk.

I’ll miss you!


Just before the trade-in.







9 responses to “Something (else) gave”

  1. Laura avatar

    Aww nooooo Alex!!! D=

    That really really sucks!

    Keep your chin up girlie, you’ll get another one, you will!

  2. Michael avatar

    WHEN you’re back, we have a Halo campaign to play! 😀

  3. Krylon avatar


  4. arc14716 avatar

    Aw man. I feel your pain. That’s the one thing that is keeping me from sending in my console or just getting a new one–finances.

    Maybe when things get better, you can get another one. Still will miss seeing you on Live.

  5. Lorna avatar

    🙁 Sorry to hear that Alex :((

  6. Razgate avatar

    That is indeed a sad tale. 🙁 and a messy pic

  7. Van-Fu avatar

    There is only one thing to do. Don your best anarchy outfit, dye your hair, don’t shower and follow the other demonstrators who can’t stand the G20. Throw plasma screens, break windows and beat up city people. It will male you feel better. Bloody credit crunch.

  8. Alex avatar

    One day… I’ll have another. Maybe by then Microsoft will have listened to my demands for a pink console.
    Van – I think your idea is perfect. I’LL GO GET THE HAIR DYE!

  9. xboxer avatar

    Poor kid

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