Call It A Night

So many of you will know this feeling all too well. It’s perhaps 1am, or later, you know have to be up at sensible o’clock for work, uni or the school run. Your eyes are heavy, your voice is starting to crack and the Haribo are long gone, so you obviously do the right thing, carry on gaming.

Mmmmm Haribo


If you, like me, are this way, don’t feel bad. We refuse to let the night die. We are the hangers on, the stragglers. Never saying no to just one more turn. “Oh go on then” we say, “Another quick match”, or “I’ll make this my last mission”, the desire to get to the next checkpoint or  level up your character one more time is strong, but once it’s done there will be sleep. Yep! Definitely sleep… probably… maybe.

Feel silly in the mornings when you have to peel yourself out of bed yes, curse yourself with eyes half closed and bleary whilst staggering to the bathroom just before stubbing your toe on the door frame, (then curse the door frame) but don’t feel bad, feel good. We squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of our few precious hours of free time, we don’t waste one moment on unnecessary rest, it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.

Sleep is so very, very inconvenient though isn’t it?! I often wonder what my gamerscore would be like if  I didn’t have to sleep. I’d totally be beating Lorna’s score that’s for sure, I’d have completed Left 4 Dead on Expert ages ago and my Halo 3 kills would be more than double what they are now.

Having a teeny tiny baby ‘n’ all I suppose I should be popping off to the land of nod much much earlier than I do. I regularly find myself to be the last woman standing, the sole survivor of the plague of tiredness. Some of you will have experienced my annoying Welshiness whingeing at you “Nooooo don’t quit, don’t leave me” but not me calling you a lightweight when you leave, oh no, cause I wait til you leave, HA! I’m clever like that 😉

Soooo Sleeeeeepy








17 responses to “Call It A Night”

  1. Michael avatar

    Bane o’ my life telling you to go to sleep/stop taking teh coffee! Still, it’s a hobby I s’pose. *shrugs*

  2. Krylon avatar

    For those falling asleep whilst gaming moments I’d recommend going with the wireless headset as it reduces the possibility of controller flinging if one is suddenly woken up.

  3. GamerGeekGirl avatar

    Gah… don’t say that…

    Heh, I totally agree, usually… but last night I barely slept a wink because all my Uni stuff is due in today and i’m a big bundle of stress!!

  4. Libi avatar

    Gaming into the early hours instead of sleeping? Gawd, I’d never do that ;D

  5. arc14716 avatar

    I’ve done that a couple of times. Kind of miss it since my 360 is out of commission.

  6. Van-Fu avatar

    My gamerscore whore war with Geofortean demands sacrifices. I hear you Laura. But you won’t see me on XBL this weekend. Pesky wedding to go to.

  7. ZeroMark avatar

    This is not me at all. While during the weekend ill be up till dawn, during the day, just to survive in my dead end boring job, ive got to get some sleep. As much as id love to hang in there and kick all your butts at halo all night long (Wait that was a dream), i need my beauty sleep….really 😛

  8. Del Torro El Sorrow avatar

    Hey is that picture from the other night playing Halo with me?

    That would explain everything…

  9. Jay avatar

    God, yes. This is me all the time lately. Especially playing Peggle. Bloody Peggle.

  10. Barry avatar

    Thanks to Laura and Halo 3, I’ve been staying up well past my bedtime and when I do finally leave, all I get is ridicule!

    The cheek of it!


  11. Mike avatar

    You are basically the only reason I’ve been staying up so recently. 😛
    The last paragraph is spot-on. xD

  12. Darach avatar

    Sleep is for the weak! 😀

    🙁 I am soooo tired.


    Looks back at recent bedtimes – no night before 2 am, one night after 5 am!!
    You Ready-Uppers’ll be the death of me. 😀

  13. Ben avatar

    I believe in a previous life I was an Owl 🙂

  14. Lorna avatar

    Great blog Laura 😉 and that last picture is excellent 😀 My gamerscore has stuttered while I work on 100%ing ME but as soon as I resume regular gaming, we’ll see…

    Usually it’s stuff like Sims that I get too engrossed with and don’t notice the time vanishing until the early hours when my hand is forzen to my mouse and my eyes ache so much my head hurts in symptahy!

  15. DunK avatar

    You need the James Bond ‘Die Another Day’ talent. Why waste half your life on sleep? 😉

    Awesome blog though. Only the hardcore make it past 3am…

  16. Martin avatar

    Games are the biggest distraction I have from sleep. The whole one more go thing is dangerous, but it’s always good to see other night hawks online. As i think I put to you before,

  17. Laura avatar

    Just…one…more…maaatch! 🙂

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