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Okay, should you ever be out in the town with me (and despite that a 5’1″ Chinese girl often stays in your sight from the corner of your eye), ‘if’ for some reason we hit a store that sells DVDs and I disappear as fast as Speedy Gonzales, don’t panic. The little gamer girl can be usually found by the ‘Manga/Anime’ or ‘World Cinema’ section. It’s just my typical nature that I’ve got a knack for spotting DVDs based on video games. So what’s brought this up then? Well recently I watched Resident Evil: Degeneration, which I totally enjoyed and recommend to anyone, and no doubt the majority of the fans will love it.

Now, let’s forget about live action films because they just fail. I’ll watch them but never with high expectations. Look at the upcoming Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li (apart from her threatening thighs and extreme kick-ass combat, what frickin’ legend?!) and more of a comic/anime front, Dragonball : Evolution (an American Goku, big fat lol and slap on the forehead!)

Nothing hits the heart of nostalgia better than the video game cartoon and CGI animated movies. Seeing our fictional characters in their familiar cartoon/CG portrayal is a lot more satisfying than the sore attempts of actors/actresses replacing the imagery. My heart is still on the mend from witnessing the nightmare of Kylie Minogue being Cammy!

Anyway before I start fuelling the fire of hate, I dug out of my beloved gaming DVD collection to show you lot my two most treasured pieces of awesomeness!

Seriously, who hasn’t watched these over and over?! I don’t care if it’s a cliché that I’m in love with Final Fantasy 7 like the rest of the globe, seeing a new angle to that world was the most brilliant and revitalising experience. On top of that I’m feeling extra nice so for any other squ’enix fans who haven’t seen it already, you have got to watch Final Fantasy: Last Order! Guilty as charged, I own all three released films of Street Fighter even if Alpha and Alpha Generations are a bit poopy. However it’s got to be said that there is no more epic scene than Chun-Li fighting Vega in her apartment (yes I bum Capcom a lot!)

So yeah, to prove my point, in all the video game movie productions you can’t deny that the ‘toons win over the live action. I know most frown upon the ideas of directors snatching at pieces of our favourite games and ruining them for us but things would be different if I had the power and resources, hehe. I can understand the appeal of seeing video game figures come to life on the big screen, there have been times when I’ve completed a game or been touched by certain scenes/plots that would fit a movie. Whether this is how the directors/producers were originally inspired by the same passions I’ll never know; (back to live action) let’s pick on the Hitman film. Surely I believe a lot of us (if given the decision) wouldn’t have included the stupid sword fight of honour or the unnecessary hint of love!

Well if wishes could come true, I’d certainly like to see these games become films. Cartoon films is my choice:

Maybe it’s more the fact that I’d love to relive the moments in a movie form; these would win by default if produced on the same plot line of the original games. Maybe one day it’ll happen (more likely it won’t) so here’s something to ponder for yourself, what would you like to see come to life?







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  1. Rob avatar

    I’d agree with you there shaz. Live action films ofgames don’t really work at all. Tomb raider was ok but didn’t shoutlara croft at me moe female indiana jones. The RE films re probs the best live action ojnes iv’e seen but nemesis in apocolypse. I man why? :p So im definatly with you on that.

    And yes advent children is amazing!!

  2. Dave avatar

    Yeah Street Fighter II is my favourite game-movie ever, it’s just superb and really captures the feel of the games.

    Final Fantasy VII is my favourite game of all time and I thought the movie did it a great justice too – those fight scenes! :O

    I’d really like to see animés of God Hand (ala’ Samurai Champloo), Disgaea, Tenchu and Metal Gear…

    ..but that’s a snowball’s chance in hell really isn’t it?

  3. James avatar

    I like how a lot of games are branching out into other forms of media such as the Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, Army of Two and Mirror’s Edge comics expanding on the their established concepts and adding more depth to the themes and characters we’ve already become so familiar with.

    Releasing these in conjunction with the games is a great way to establish a whole new franchise practically overnight and helps feed the ever-hungry fans. Just look at how Dead Space had the game, comics and film all come out at once.

    The only problem with this approach is that developers may see it as an easy option when it comes to plot continuity. Why bother to explain why Solid Snake ended up being shot in the game when you can rely on the comic to cover it instead? How did Lara Croft end up in that tomb? Go out and buy the film to find out. I hope it never comes to that.

    And would anyone else love a Day of the Tentacle cartoon series?


  4. Tony avatar

    Rob: “Tomb raider was ok but didn’t shout lara croft at me more female indiana jones”

    Yeah, but if you made a film that was exactly like the games it’d simply be two hours of Lara running around while you stared at her backside.

    Actually, I think I may have just hit upon a bestselling movie idea.

    Taxi! Hollywood please!

  5. lordstar avatar

    THERE IS A DISGAEA ANIME! based on the first game 😉

    disgaea anime is also great along with Dot-hack the final fantasy unlimited anime is not that hot in my opinion. The only thing which makes it anyhting like FF is it has a chocoo for about 5 seconds in one episode :-S

    would be cool to see a Disney X square enix cartoon some time. never going to happen though

    marvel vs capcom comics would rock so F’n hard too

  6. lordstar avatar

    here is a link to the disgaea DVD vol1

    it has JP and ENG dub and ENG subs

    free delivery world wide 😉

  7. MrCuddleswick avatar

    A Metal Gear Solid movie would make me happy. I want to get the Street Fighter II Animated Movie on DVD at some point…..but then I also want to get the live action one with Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s one of those films that’s so bad, it’s good.

  8. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    Thanks for the shopping top I saw Resi Degeneration on the other day and have been considering a purchase since…with your recommendation I’ll add it to my basket next time I have go shopping.

    Funny you should mention that epic scene of street fighter (one of my all time fave animated movies). Since just this past Monday I was happily resting on my break when Jenny came into the teachers room and decided to break the ice by poking me in the head…promping me to leap up and scream “My beautiful face…YOU BITCH I’ll MAKE YOU SUFFER!” Of course since I’m not really a somewhat vain Spanish street fighting type I just pulled her jacket hood over her face and made a mental note to steal all her board markers later rather than anyone being stabbed, slashed, kicked out of a window or stuck in traffic (poor Guile.)

    Another thing I can agree on is that animated game adaptions all seem to be more acceptable than the real life efforts…Resident Evil has it’s moments but on the whole the series gets more insane with every installment and is very Paul Anderson…Himan (owch) Max Payne (WTF) Tomb Raider (Awesome with the sound off so you can imagine a better story)…Silent Hill I actually kind of liked….go Pyramid head go.

    In terms of what I’d like to see make it to film animated or real life…Certainly Gears of War, Army of Two maybe…and perhaps something Soul Calibre based.

    Metal gear goes without saying and is so narrative driven and takes influence from so many movies that it might not be so hard to translate after all though I’d hope they’d keep the time snake sits with his finger in his ear chatting on the codec to a minimum.

    I could watch Devil May Cry cut-scenes all day and would love a series about Dante and pals further adventures to enjoy.

    Slightly more obscure I’d love a series or comic or anything about Legacy of Kain I loved those games and more than anything just need a damn conclusion to the thing…

    Looking to the future has anyone heard much about the Prince of Persia and the Sands of time movie they are doing…heard its the Pirates of the Carribean crew doing it so could potentially be huge.

  9. Michael avatar

    “THERE IS A DISGAEA ANIME! based on the first game”

    Really? But, but… the multiple endings! I must have it nonetheless!

    Erm,that’s an… interesting story, Andy. Now who is Jenny?

    Shaz, what is the top left game in that bottom image?

  10. Dan avatar

    That’s Klonoa, with the best of those games being ported to XBLA I seem to rememeber.

    Very cool game.

  11. Lordstar avatar

    yeah it goes with the ending which follows on from the 2nd game. So yeah if you have completed it you will get what im going on about (I refuse to spoil the game and or anime for anyone)

    p.s Bruce Willis is a ghost in 6th sense 😛

  12. TequilaClint avatar

    Biohazard Degeneration was good, better than the shi*e live action flicks.

  13. Chauncy avatar

    There were a couple of cartoon adaptions of games in the 90’s that did a fairly bang up job: Earthworm Jim and also Sam and Max. Both captured the feel of the games really well and, above all else, were really quite funny.

  14. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    I remember both the Earthworm Jim and Sam and Max Cartoons…they were awesome.

  15. VerbalKint27 avatar

    I could go on listing franchises for hours that I’d love to see in movie/anime format.

    Looking forward to catching Degeneration as a self-confessed Resi fanboy, however I have heard some bad things about, I’m undeterred however!

    In terms of the live-action video game movies, much like with some of the recent superhero movies, all it takes is for one respected director(Raimi, Nolan etc) to take the gamble, and get it right, and the rest will follow.

    The biggest disappointment for me was Max Payne. If there was ever a game with the source material to transfer well to the big screen, it was that.

  16.  avatar


    Why Shaz when I remember watching these films did I think at the time WOW but now I think eughhhhhh

    Street Fighter 2 the animated movie was full of win though! The fight at the end against Ken then Bison was so amazing. And little things like Akuma sitting on the ground at E Honda/Dhalsim make me smile

    Seems the good ol Anime VG is a lost cause now, even FFVII:AC failed to make me swoon storywise.

  17.  avatar

    ^^^ that was me – shaun mcilroy

    why am i anonymous??? 🙁

  18. Duncan Aird avatar
    Duncan Aird

    Woo! Bring on Klonoa 3. 🙂

  19.  avatar

    If you’re logged in on the forum, it posts you on the website as Anonymous. Just click ‘Logout’ above the comment box and it’ll go back to normal. 🙂

  20. Duncan Aird avatar
    Duncan Aird

    As I just proved by forgetting to logout!

  21. Travis avatar

    Lordstar said that it would be cool to have a Disney/SquareEnix crossover type of thing.
    It’s called Kingdom Hearts. 😐
    Also, Klonoa had a manga. Unfortunately, the creators decided to make him a complete idiot instead of just slightly clueless.

  22. Docmoose avatar

    I watched the dead space prequel anime last week, and I really enjoyed it. It was a perfectly good film in its own right. However it also set the scene for the game perfectly, giving you a bit of back story on how the monsters in the game came to be.

    I have Resident Evil degeneration ready to watch, when I get a free hour or two in my games playing schedule.

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