Curiosity didn’t kill this cat

Yeah yeah, I knew it would have happened sooner or later… I ended up watching the movie.

Recently I nipped into Blockbusters where I stumbled across Hitman on the new release shelf and needless to say, it persuaded me well enough to rent it.

Unfortunately Hollywood’s dirty claws will never stop to ruin the gamers pride. Oh the tragedy! How Milla Jovovich had an awesome breakthough in one of my favourite films, “The 5th Element” and now her career dwindles along in the shame of the Resident Evil Movies. Urgh. Bad films! Bad bad bad baaaaad! I’m definitely not bothering with “Extinction” after seeing the brilliantly feared Nemesis turn into a silly softie in “Apocalypse”.

Tomb Raider… where did the gadgeteer geek come from?! I always giggle at the scene in the second film, “Cradle of Life” where Angelina Jolie punches the shark underwater. Now although the monster shark should have just ripped her apart there and then, I kinda sympathise with that scene when remembering that horror level in Tomb Raider II. How many restarts I had to go through, constantly fearing getting tailed by those treacherous sharks and desperately looking all over the place for air. I wish the pressing X would have enabled me to punch those stupid sharks in the face! What I will say for Tomb Raider is despite the troubles with the audio levels, ’cause I don’t know if it’s just me but didn’t anybody find that the sfx was louder than the dialogue?! You had to turn the volume up to hear what people were saying then suddenly BOOM! Your living room wall just got pushed further back by the real time action blaring furiously through your normal stereo speakers! The film progressed from the first to the next with entertaining stunt sequences. I think they did well to portray the acrobatic heroine.

Anyway back to the recently rented Hitman movie. I booted it up on my xbox elite, sat down with popcorn and had no high expectations for it other than it to entertain better than Eastenders/Emmerdale and whatever sodding soaps was on at the time (yes, best to believe I’m not a fan of British Soaps).

Suprisingly, I enjoyed Hitman. It didn’t blow me away but it didn’t bore me either, hmm.. it made me content. “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, previously from seeing early screen shots I had thought the chosen actor was wrong. However he played the character quite well and he nailed the walk of hitman. The majority of his behaviour was what I would have expected but there is a disgusting hint of cocky arrogance like Dante (Devil May Cry) in small snippets of the film.

What I had feared about was a hinted love story in Hitman which actually didn’t turn out to be. Perhaps more of a friendship but personally I don’t understand why it was there. He needed the girl to find out why his hit went all wrong, why the client who requested it was actually the target, so it’s understandable why 47 was hanging out with the lovely lady. I just can’t get my head around the ending scene. No spoilers, don’t worry! In my head, 47 doesn’t care for anyone but himself.

Snappy action and pleased to know that Hitman’s organisation as a professional killer is on good display. Asides the choppy story I did connect to the character more as the film went on. It was just how he went about things and especially how he handled this scene:

I leave you to guess what happened. In the poor world of game movies, Hitman is probably the best one of the lot. Maybe it’s not had to go through the challenge of tackling as much fantasy/fiction or the abnormal key characters that was to be encountered in Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc. So a little advantage there but overall I think the film has been well executed. For once, both genders can have a character to swoon over.

Don’t let the nightmare of game movies put you off of this one. It’s actually alright!







9 responses to “Curiosity didn’t kill this cat”

  1. Dave avatar

    Well, that’s sold it for me. I was a bit cautious about going to see Hitman so I think now I may have to rent the movie 🙂

    I hear it does get a tad confusing at points but in a sort of ‘hold on for a bit, all shall be explained soon’ kind of way, where the confusion actually leads up to some pretty neat plot twists.

    That’s what I was told anyways :p

    Just cant get over those mad, staring eyes of Timothy Olyphant though, yeesh!

  2. Michael avatar

    Milla Jovovich is pretty much only in films because she was married to the directors of those films – Luc Besson for The 5th Element and Paul WS Anderson for the Resident Evil movies

    That looks like Ada Wong by the way. That scene? I’m going to go with “The world’s dirtiest shoe-shiner”! 😛

    In films with lots of explosions and stuff, I put subtitles on for dialogue. I’ve got into a habit of doing it for other films as well… I can be easily distracted by background noise sometimes

  3. Tony avatar

    Michael, you are completely wrong. Milla Jovovich is only in films because us men.. well, we would, wouldn’t we.

  4. Dave avatar

    I second that emotion!

  5. Jake avatar

    I remember being disappointed by Tomb Raider – but mainly because Angelina never walked into a wall and went “oof” or tried to use the wrong item with a very stern “no”. Hitman kind of appeals but I’ll leave it for a little bit longer I think as I’m still not totally convinced by it all…

  6. Nick avatar

    It must be a chemical thing inside my body because I can’t seem to watch any video game-based movies without having to spit vomit form my mouth. Possibly harsh but then I consider movies a major passion of mine.

  7. Dave avatar

    No Nick, it’s entirely natural to emit body fluids even at the slightest mention of Uwe Boll’s name.

  8. Paul avatar

    It is a terrible movie, with a terribly executed plot, with terrible actors and a terrible “love” interest for 47. To add insult to injury the actor portraying this cold, ruthless clone Hitman looks about as scarey as an 8 year old after mumsie has dragged him to the barbers where he cried when the razor buzzed near his ear!
    Sorry, but to think that this movie was “actually alright” you must really have seen some shockingly bad movies recently! Resident Evil, although a very bad movie, was easily more watchable than this piece of worm infested canine excrement.

  9. darragh avatar

    have to agree wit paul. I thought the start wit the sniper was ok but once it came to the sword figths “for honour” it had no chance for me. I’d give it two stars

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