A Choclodocus is not just for Christmas

Recently I’ve taken an interest in pets. My family have had cats, I had two goldfish as a child, one called Jimmy, the other called Other Jimmy and there were the hamsters, Pat and Greg. Although I cared for the childhood pets I wouldn’t call it an actual interest, certainly not in the way I love and am endlessly passionate about gaming. Recently though I’ve developed quite the obsession with nurturing little creatures.

It started with the newt. We bought a newt. It was seven pounds sterling. However I’d spent some considerable time researching newts and knew that there might be slightly more outlay than that. Two fish tanks, several rocks, substrate, toys, water plants, water testing and treating kits, food types (live and dead) and a visit to an exotic pets vets later I think Clank the Newt has settled into his new home.
On the wave of hard work and success I’ve decided now to get a kitten and I know the exact one I want. We should have it within the month but I’ve already learned everything there is to know about dry cat food and the Litter Kwitter, a system where your cat learns to pee in the toilet bowl.

Of course all my obsessions are interwoven with gaming and so I found myself playing Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise after at first being unimpressed by the stingy gamerscore hand outs. Back when the first game came out, myself and Ready Up writers Anthony and Simes were happy as Rashberries in shit as we played a fun, reasonably easy game and were lavished with points for it. With this second iteration of the game I took the hump ten hours in when I still only had 30 points. After all this pet coveting though I found myself sneaking back to it.

Just like I have in the real world, I found myself focusing on the particular creatures I wanted and worked tirelessly towards getting those. Of course my targets were the hardest to procure and nurture being the ‘mythical’ Dragonache and the ‘prehistoric’ Choclodocus. It was a protracted and frustrating process to obtain them as I wasn’t really a high enough level gardener but now they are living happily together in their own garden and all my pet desires are fulfilled. I also got some juicy gamerscore out of it.

A snapshot of my personally reared, rare piñatas. Aww aren’t they cute!







9 responses to “A Choclodocus is not just for Christmas”

  1. Tony avatar

    So, K, as you are now our resident newt expert, I have a question for you.

    Do they drink as heavily as I have been led to believe? Does the little fella cost you an arm and a leg in Scotch each day?

  2. Lorna avatar

    It takes a while to wring points from this one…the challenges take an age to plod through, even with scanning in downloaded cards for Pinata who refuse to visit your garden or prove too faffy. However, I found that you suddenly get showered in points after a while when one thing after another gets completed.

    More of a grind than the first one I thought, but still enjoyable. My newt got a gold medal fighter badge…hurrah!

  3. Kirsten avatar

    Newts don’t actually drink a lot if anything at all. Ours likes to eat live worms which Dan digs up in the back green.

  4. Alex avatar

    Haha, I’m just like that! But I was really put off by Professor Pester killing all my prized catches 🙁
    Thankfully I’ve now got the pinata that keeps him out, but until then it was such a nightmare!

  5. Kirsten avatar

    Yeah I have to put about 4 decoy pinata toys in per in-game week and there’s no real way as far as I know to keep Pester out permanently. it’s a pain the bloody neck.

  6. Lorna avatar

    I usually have 3 in case I’m away from the garden making tea or something and he comes back before I replace one. Aside from the Cutlass to keep the Ruffians out, I don’t think you can keep Pester out permanently unless you fence the whole place off which isn’t good.

  7. Alex avatar

    Ohh there is a way to keep him out permenantly! =D
    You’ve gotta tame a Limeocerous, I spent so much money on decoy pinata’s until I realised this pinata cherges at Pester if he tries any funny buisness ^_^

  8. Kirsten avatar

    Yeah but I had a Limoserous and Pester came in while he was asleep and killed him!

  9. Anthony avatar

    It’s probably the hour of the day but Clank looks edible in a chocolate frog sort of way.

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