Forza Motorsales

I’ve been known to do games differently but my most recent escapade takes the concept to a new level.

I recently decided to part exchange my current car for a new Mazda MX-5 Roadster. Not that unusual you might think until you consider that my final choice of model and specification was made using Forza Motorsport 2.

For those not familiar with the game, it offers the ability to purchase, configure and test drive almost every modern car currently available. This is primarily for the purpose of racing online and making your way through the single player races however after test driving an example MX-5 at the dealership, I decided to input the brochure specification for each MX-5 into Forza to see how the driving experience compared:

Transmission specification from the MX-5 brochure

Adjusting MX-5 transmission in Forza

By adjusting colour, wheel size, gear box (5 speed and 6 speed), suspension and taking the different cars around various tracks, I could make a better informed choice that didn’t mean test driving several vehicles over many weekends. Comparing the real test drive against the stock car Forza experience I could offset the simulation differences:

Forza rim size selection Forza suspection selection screen

So if anyone sees me driving around after Saturday, see if the vehicle looks anything like this; I probably won’t be wearing a crash helmet:

The final vehicle choice on the road






9 responses to “Forza Motorsales”

  1. Tony avatar

    Short back and sides please.


  2. Laura avatar

    Ooh it’s a game AND a catalogue! Two of my most favourite things rolled into one!

  3. Michael avatar

    That’s a genre crossover, like Mass Effect and Puzzle Quest. Probably. Yay for hybrids!

    I knew a guy who had a Mazda MX-5… it was a terrible shade of dark green. He was a bit of a looper anyway… probably still is and all!

  4. Tony avatar

    My current car has been in a game too. Yep, Gran Turismo 3 on PS2 had the Toyota Yaris 1.5 T-Sport in it, and by coincidence I had it in the game years before I ended up with it in real life.

    The one in the game was canary yellow, though, which isn’t really a “real world” colour for me…

  5. Dan avatar

    That’s a coincidence, you know that BMW M3 GTE that was in NFS Most Wanted? Well… I drive a VW Passat.

  6. John avatar

    Fan-bliddy-tastic! You know, if your test drive bears out your experience in-game, there may well be a whole new business opportunity for selling games solutions into car dealerships!

  7. Martin avatar

    This is a dangerous precident that you may be setting! I have worked in the Motor Trade for 17 years and know that THE most important part of buying a car is the test drive. I drive hundreds of cars a year and find lots that look really cool are like sitting on cacti whilst being squeezed in a vice!
    The game may be a good way to check out body styling and the like, but you must, must drive a car before you buy.
    Thanks for delaying your post to allow for mine yesterday, much appreciated 🙂

  8. NorfolkNChance avatar

    I’ll never drive the car I made in Forza 2.. whilst it was entertaining in game to have a Pink Toyota MR2 with a yellow monkey print on each door, it’s not really something I would like to be seen in. Ever!

  9. Anthony avatar

    Well I collected the car on Saturday and I must say the 6-speed was the best choice.

    I start my new job hairdressing on Monday…

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