Doing GTA differently

I’m still playing GTA IV’s single player campaign.

It’s not that I’m intentionally aiming for a certain pace (Tony completed the game on both the PS3 and 360 versions weeks ago) but it’s because I’m trying to use Splinter Cell tactics.

The targets in the missions are less likely to see me than land a shot on me solely because I’m spending time scoping out the area for high points and unusual entrances or exits. Consider the “Late Checkout” mission at the Majestic Hotel; go up the elevator, slaughter your way to the targets and then fight your way back down the hotel to escape – why? I found a window cleaner’s lift at the top of the adjacent building and after killing the targets, rode it all the way down to the autosave point without firing another shot.

Another mission (and possibly my favourite example) is “Final Interview” – why go into the interview and blast the guy away with a shotgun and have to fight your way out of the building against security and the police when you can stab him silently and walk out the front door like you just got the job?

I’ve always enjoyed the GTA games, primarily because although you have to complete these missions in order to progress the game, the tactics you use are entirely open.

Of course I’m not always about Sam Fisher – I spent an hour last night completing all Assassin missions with an RPG. What can I say? It makes such a lovely noise…

It\'s so much safer up here







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  1. James avatar

    Ah yes… The final interview level 🙂 I did the exact same thing. Saves time and also is much easier and helpful on your cause

    Shame you cant move bodies though… I wasted too long getting out and somebody found him. At least thats what I think anyway.

  2. Emily avatar

    After failing the final interview (yeah, I shot him), someone had to tell me I could just knife him and be done with it much more easily. I only really thought about my missions in a sensible way after that; if you can snipe the main man without having to trawl through his mates you can make your life much easier. I’m glad you can approach a lot of them like that.

  3. Alex avatar

    I always enter into games with the idea of doing it all stealth-like, but (and a perfect example is what i’m doing at the moment with Assasins Creed) i just seem to end up getting all impatient and hacking/shooting my way through everything!

  4. Tony avatar

    Having completed it twice, I had no idea you could do the Majestic hotel or the Final Interview missions in that way!

    The main one I remember doing on the sly was one where you had to fight your way to the top of an apartment building and kill someone, but I found it easier to climb onto the roof of a van with a sniper rifle and finish the mission with one shot.

    GTA is that kind of game though, you’ve been playing it for ages and you suddenly find something new that you had no idea about. Playing with Anthony earlier today I was amazed when a grenade totalled the back end of my car in a GTA race and left the back end about half the width of the front. I’ve probably played well over 100 hours and never seen that happen once.

  5. Dave avatar

    In the final interview mission, I used the bat and still got caught by the receptionist, subtlety isn’t in my nature I guess 🙁

    Although, I loved the mission where you save Roman from the warehouse. Using the pillars for cover while slowly picking off each rent-a-goon? – Genius.

    The well-realised cover system made this mission feel like I was playing Gears of Theft, Grand of War, Gears of Auto (insert stupid cross-over title here).

    The well-planned approach is much better than running in like Tony Montana any day.

  6. Anthony avatar

    The sniper rifle was my friend on many a mission. Approach the yellow arrow to start the mission then retreat and find a crane close enough to the action to avoid ending the mission prematurely.

    A technique especially useful on the final revenge mission, it also does wonders for your head shot count!

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