Retro Reduction

It’s only a year since GAME announced they had rival Gamestation firmly in their diamond-encrusted cross hairs. After all, the big purple giant has more than enough bank to buy and sell as they please, so why not?

And with it, the last great bastion of retro games on the high street ceased doing business in the old-school not long ago. Gutted.

I wandered in there last weekend eager to nab a copy of Duke Nukem 3D on PSOne, after rubbing my eyes for hours in disbelief that “actual” Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage now exists, to learn this fact. I heard that the stripping out of retro titles was on the table from my mates I used to work with there, but I never, for one minute thought it was more than an idle threat.

Perhaps it’s Virtual Console’ or Xbox Live’s fault? Maybe it’s just a result of the massive shift in tastes and audience demographics we’ve had over the past year or so. Either way, I’m one unhappy chappie.

An all-too familiar sight on Britain’s streets

I am an avid retro fan and I need my fix. Sure enough, many retro games can be found on eBay, but some of the prices people want are absolutely snooker loopy! Take the auctions I found today for example,

Shinobi 3 on Mega drive – £19.99 (approx. £6 on Virtual Console)
Streets of Rage 3 on Mega Drive – £59.99 (approx. £7.50 on Virtual Console)

Maybe I’m going daft, but a plastic case and fading game manual is not worth 15 or even 50 quid. I have a pretty large Mega Drive collection, it’s been my favourite console for some 17 years so I remember these games when they first came out. Sure they were rare, but I nabbed Streets of Rage 3 for about a fiver back in the day and there is no way it’s worth 60 notes, it’s utter garbage!

However, Shinobi 3 is a slice of 16-bit gold and I haven’t been able to track down a copy for cheaper than the eBay price in all my years of trying. I got it on Virtual Console when it was re-released and to a degree, I kind of get why these guys are hiking their prices.

I really like the way console download services are giving younger gamers a chance to relive what so many older gamers grew up with, it’s a perfect shopfront for them. However, now that retro compilations and downloads are impossible to miss, the novelty is taken away somewhat. I used to really enjoy traipsing the second hand stores in Edinburgh in search of that one elusive game, but now, all I need to do is fire up my Wii and download it from there.

I do miss having a box and manual for my Shinobi 3 download though and it would be interesting to see how many gamers from the 16-bit days and beyond feel the same way. However, you can’t help but feel this is being exploited by some of the more optimistic retro traders online – ah nostalgia..

Aww..I still love you actual-physical console!






12 responses to “Retro Reduction”

  1. Shaz avatar

    Xbox might be coming back because of popular demand. So the bosses have been saying but I thought all the golden oldies were getting dumped over at our sister stores.


    Aww, at least I know a Sega Megadrive is in a warm happy home! 🙂

  2. Dave avatar

    When I worked in Gamestation I was always doing retro stuff for the window and the shelves- and it sold too! But the head office folk just couldn’t see that 🙁

    Yeah my Mega Drive gets tender loving regularly 🙂

    What’s your particular retro poison Shaz?

  3. City avatar

    When did that happen!
    Im going back home at the weekend and was going to splurge on my master system!!

    You might have some luck with CEX, as t he one near me in Kingston tends to have retro bits every now and then.

    I love and adore sonic, and I cant wait to play fantasy zone either.. also.. cool room, i have that TR poster proudly on my wall!

  4. Dave avatar

    Apparantly it happened only a fortnight ago up here, was gutted 🙁

    Yeah CEX is mint, the one near us doesn’t really do retro though, which is a bit naff.

    Thanks, I have too many game posters and promo things in my room, My snazzy Street fighter II and Resi 4 game posters arrived this morning, they’re now proudly up there with the rest of them 😀

  5. Nick avatar

    Oh man I’m on the same boat as yourself! I have a Megadrive I love to death! Unfortunatly in Ireland we don’t even have the comfort of a Gamestation so it’s donw to car boot sales to find games! Hell, it’s even impossible to find a bleedin’ Xbox game nowadays!!!!!

  6. Dave avatar

    That sucks dude 🙁 is a great site. Often pricey though, but you can definitely pick up a bargain or two if you keep an eye on it.

    Saying that, car boot sales are great for retro stuff on occasion 😀

  7. Jen avatar

    What are CEX like generally?

    They’re coming to enniskillen and I’m hoping to get a job there.

  8. Dave avatar

    CEX are alright actually, you can pick up a ton of good stuff there including electronics and import DVDs. Pretty much anything technology and entertainment wise – a haven for gamers 😀

  9. Michael avatar

    First I heard of CEX coming over here… Must check it out! Gonna cut us in on staff discounts, sis? 😛

  10. Dave avatar

    Haha, it’s good to know folk in the business isn’t it? My mates at Gamestation still cut me a wee deal now and then 😉

  11. snooker articles avatar
    snooker articles

    A friend showed me this site, really well done, I love it and i need to learn about snooker too!

  12. Ian avatar

    Got young nephews we have to entertain sometimes and while they often played on a laptop various flash games, the biggest hit was surprisingly a F1 racing game on my n64 which looks a bit dated on a 32″ screen, but they loved it.

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