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  • Earthbound Headed to European Virtual Console

    It appears Nintendo is on a full-on nostalgia-attack this week. In the same Nintendo Direct live feed where a new Link to the Past game was announced, Nintendo revealed that Japanese role-playing game Earthbound would be arriving on European shores for the first time ever via the Virtual Console, later this year. A release on…

  • Retro Reduction

    It’s only a year since GAME announced they had rival Gamestation firmly in their diamond-encrusted cross hairs. After all, the big purple giant has more than enough bank to buy and sell as they please, so why not? And with it, the last great bastion of retro games on the high street ceased doing business…

  • Is this the beginning of the end?

    Is something rotten in Xbox Live Arcade land just now? I can’t go to any gaming site at the moment without seeing snippets of news suggesting that it’s a format in a state of rapid decline and we should, you know, all start praying for our lives and other sensationalist tripe. it can’t all be…