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  • Let’s Play FTL: Part 3

    Let’s Play FTL: Part 3

    Will Susan snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? Will we ever get over the death of Magmar? Is it really on Easy? Find out in the final chapter of our epic space saga.

  • Let’s Play FTL: Part 2

    Captain-in-Training Susan meets the pursuing Rebel Fleet head on and things go about as well as you would expect

  • Let’s Play FTL: Part 1

    Let’s Play FTL: Part 1

    Susan and Verity play FTL and discover the giant space spiders really are no joke.

  • Ex-1313 Developers Pitch Super Roman Conquest

    Tim Temmerman and Matt Boland, formerly of LucasArts, founded SeaCliff Interactive to develop original non-Star Wars ideas after their employer was shuttered by Disney. Set in ancient Rome, Super Roman Conquest looks to be a new spin on RTS-tropes, as players command centurions, archers and even elephants across Europe. Other units, such as the engineer,…

  • Gameology – Faster Than Light Travel

    It’s a case of mistaking speed for distance as Shaun explains the lies behind faster than light travel.

  • Fez Released on Mac and Linux via Humble Bundle 9

    As with all Humble Bundles, the pack is pay-what-you-want (split among developers, charities and the Humble Bundle crew), though you’ll need to beat the current average of $4.60 (about £2.90) to obtain Fez. In addition to Fez, the bundle also includes a number of critically-rated indie and commercial games, such as Double Fine’s Brutal Legend,…

  • Broken Age to be Broken into Two Pieces

    With the game outgrowing its original ambitions, the new plan is to release the first part of the Broken Age saga early next year, and use “Early Access” Steam sales to help push the development of the second episode forward. The news – which Tim broke in a “Backers of Adventure” update – seemed initially…