Ex-1313 Developers Pitch Super Roman Conquest

Tim Temmerman and Matt Boland, formerly of LucasArts, founded SeaCliff Interactive to develop original non-Star Wars ideas after their employer was shuttered by Disney.

Set in ancient Rome, Super Roman Conquest looks to be a new spin on RTS-tropes, as players command centurions, archers and even elephants across Europe. Other units, such as the engineer, are trained for non-combat purposes, such as building bridges to discover vantage points.

The developers are promising “meta-game progression reminiscent of our favorite indie strategy games like FTL”, which likely means that as players take down opposing armies, they’ll unlock access to new unit types and resource upgrades for their commanding legions across multiple play-throughs.

The game features a unique take on the “modern retro” style employed by many indie-games, mixing 2D sprites with parallax scrolling and polygonal backgrounds. The parallax scrolling isn’t just for show – the game utilises three separate “battle lanes” on each map, allowing complex, multi-layer gameplay strategies.

For more information about Super Roman Conquest, be sure to take a look at their Kickstarter pitch, or watch their Alpha teaser trailer, embedded below. Assuming the Kickstarter is successful, the game is expected on PC, Mac Ouya and Linux in Summer of next year.



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