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  • Subnautica Leaves Early Access

    Subnautica Leaves Early Access

    Subnautica, the underwater exploration and survival game, has splashed out of Early Access today on PC.

  • Ready Up Reacts: Sony E3 2014 Thoughts

    (Almost) raw chat reactions from Danny, Gemma and Scott, as they stay up until 2AM to watch Sony’s E3 2014 show!

  • The Local Renaissance

    Do you think you need a console for classic, local multiplayer action? Think again!

  • DayZ Alpha Sells 700,000+ Copies in December

    Although the Christmas Day update on the official DayZ development blog only cites 400,000 sales, these represent the first week on Steam alone. Recent survivor statistics on dayzgame.com reveal that the game has sold over 700,000 copies, priced at ¬£20 each. By my calculations (and admittedly, I have the poorest maths skills of any computer…

  • Starbound Beta

    “It’s a bit like Terraria in space.” When UK-based indie development studio Chucklefish Games¬†announced their ambitious project Starbound just over eighteen months ago, that statement would have been enough to guarantee the sales needed to fund to rest of development. And indeed, from the pre-order numbers alone, that’s proven to be the case; Starbound raised…

  • Starbound Enters Open Paid Beta State

    Just like its inspiration, Terraria, Starbound is a side-scrolling role-playing experience with elements of world-building and Castlevania-esque platforming. Unlike Terraria, however, the procedural generation of the world extends beyond the terrain and items; Starbound will randomly generate entire planets full of unique races and dungeon areas, which players can travel between once they have enough…

  • Final Fantasy XIV Early Access Detailed

    Players who pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will gain access to it on 24th August, ahead of its official launch on 27th August on PC and PlayStation 3. A final “Phase 4” beta weekend will run on the weekend of 17th – 19th August. With over a million players signed up for the…