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Subnautica Leaves Early Access

Subnautica, the underwater exploration and survival game, has splashed out of Early Access today on PC.

The game which is famed for its colourful underwater biomes, deep atmospheric environments and downright spooky sea-critters has been given a full release after nearly five years in development.

The game first entered into beta back in 2014 and since then has been growing a dedicated fan-base of underwater explorers keen to uncover the mysteries of the deep. There is much to discover including missing survivors, previous inhabitants and ancient malevolent technologies. The goal of Subnautica is to survive and ultimately to eventually escape your new ocean home.

Players can explore deep cave systems, underwater volcanoes, lush reefs teeming with new and alien wildlife. Swim with them, eat them, fight them or even capture them to put in your underwater base’s aquarium.

There is even a fantastic new cinematic trailer to get your explorer senses tingling.

The final release gives players complete freedom to explore the world at their own pace either by constructing vast underwater bases in one of the many biomes or by building a fleet of submersibles which will allow access to the very deepest parts of the ocean. Be warned however: the deeper you go, the more the local wildlife will be keen to make you its next meal.

Subnautica is not a game for the thalassophobic as the greatest mysteries can only be uncovered in the deepest, creepiest depths. But for the brave there is a fascinating tale to unveil and possibly, just possibly, a chance at salvation.

Subnautica is developed by Unknown Worlds and is available now on PC and in the Steam store.