Tag: Survival Horror

  • Subnautica Leaves Early Access

    Subnautica Leaves Early Access

    Subnautica, the underwater exploration and survival game, has splashed out of Early Access today on PC.

  • Grim Fandango and Resident Evil: To Save the Future We Must Learn About the Past

    Resident Evil and Grim Fandango are closer than you might think.

  • The Last of Us tops UK chart for sixth week

    Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed survival horror title The Last of Us sits at the top of the all platforms chart for the sixth consecutive week since its release on 14th June 2013. This is a very impressive performance by a single platform exclusive game especially after a significant drop of 22 per cent in sales…

  • Dead Island Developers Reveal Dying Light

    Zombies are once again involved, but rather than simply being a shooter, Dying Light promises to be an open-world survival horror experience, tasking players with scavenging large, urban environments in the search for the right gear needed to survive against the undead. The titular dying light apparently references a central game mechanic: enemies become considerably…

  • The (Almost) Perfect Game

    Before I go on I’m going to give you all a textual wave *wave* and a ‘hello’ for my inaugural blog on Ready Up! I’m excited, nervous and giddy about this position and the opportunities it’ll bring, and not because I’ve just eaten a whole tube of smarties in under a minute, either. If you’re…