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  • The Ready Up Podcast S06E03 – Broken Inquisitors

    The Ready Up Podcast S06E03 – Broken Inquisitors

    We chat to team member Fran about Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, and even more Dragon Age.

  • My Life in Pixels – Varric Tethras

    “You should know by now that I love the sound of my own voice, Hawke.” We all love a good story teller. Someone who has you hooked from the moment they open their mouth. And one of my favourites is Varric Tethras from Dragon Age 2. Varric is a dwarven rogue who Hawke encounters during the…

  • Bioware’s Boys

    Bioware are really quite good with their games From Jade Empire to Old Republic, Mass Effect to Dragon Age While their stories are great and gameplay is stellar Where they really excel is in making a fella. Bioware boys are quite special, take a look and you’ll see They’re good looking, sweet and cool –…

  • Play it Again, Suze

    Deliberate misquoted blog title aside, do you often replay games or is it a case of once you’ve finished one, you never look back? I’m mainly thinking about games with a solo story/campaign mode, not games that you constantly return to because of the multiplayer factor. The constant influx of new titles always means that…