The Ready Up Podcast S06E03 – Broken Inquisitors


It’s a bit of a short episode this week as all of us are down with a cold, but somehow we manage to inject ourselves with enough stimpacks to talk about videogames. This time we have team member Fran, our very own Broken Frandroid, on board.


What have you been playing?

  • Whilst Fran’s been waiting for the Skyrim update, she’s filled her time marathoning all the Dragon Age Games, and since Dean’s also been slowly working his way through Dragon Age: Inquisition on nightmare difficulty, we have a big old chat about this franchise that’s much loved at Ready Up – including how underrated Dragon Age 2 is…
  • Dean has mixed feelings about Destiny: Rise of Iron and begins to sound like a recovering drug addict.
  • Susan has been playing Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (aka Ace Attorney 6), which she’s been enjoying more than Ace Attorney 5 as its picking up some of the dropped threads from previous games.

Theme of the Week: Holodecks!

  • In honour of the Mass Effect hamster we discuss our favourite videogame pets – dogs and cats are overrated yo!

Two Truths, One Lie

  • It’s time to wrap this germ train up with two truths, one lie. But can Fran find something Susan doesn’t already know about her?

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