My Life in Pixels – Varric Tethras

“You should know by now that I love the sound of my own voice, Hawke.”

Varric Tethras

We all love a good story teller. Someone who has you hooked from the moment they open their mouth. And one of my favourites is Varric Tethras from Dragon Age 2. Varric is a dwarven rogue who Hawke encounters during the first year in Kirkwall, however he is the first character the player meets. It is true he loves the sound of his own voice, so he is quick to jump in to narrate your adventures together.

The Hanged Man is Varric’s home and you can bet he will be telling tales of his adventures with Hawke to anyone who will listen. Of course he won’t do it for free, but a drink usually loosens his lips. Underneath his quick wit and silver tongue, Varric is lovable, charming, witty and quick with his trusted bow Bianca.

Varric is the youngest son from the Tethras clan. The Tethras were once a proud family and held well with the noble caste, until Varric’s father was discovered fixing Provings (where dwarven warriors fight and are favoured by their ancestors if they win) and this forced the family to leave for the surface because of the disgrace and shame. However Varric was born in Kirkwall, so he has no love for Orzammar nor any desire to return there.

Varric has an older brother, Bartrand, that you encounter in the game who is head of the family and in charge of their family business.  The two are completely different; Varric is warm hearted whilst Bartrand would rather leave you in the cold. Varric is the one who convinces his brother to take Hawke on their Deep Roads expedition, with the right amount of gold, of course! He is seen as the idle younger brother who would rather drink and be merry then earn money. But Varric’s job is keeping his spy network in check, making sure his contacts deal with any trouble that may hinder him or the family business.

Accompanying him on any travels is Varric’s weapon of choice – his bow Bianca. Sadly you never discover the true story behind Bianca’s name, you are only told that it involved a girl and a promise. Even at the end, Varric sticks by Hawke; a true friend. And someone needs to know how the tale ends to be able to tell it! Who better than Varric Tethras: teller of adventures, though slightly exaggerated at times.



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