Ready Up Podcast S07E03 – Wilde Child

Susan and Dean welcome back Stephen Downey from Outsider Games! After releasing Wailing Heights, Outsider Games are back with a new point-and-click adventure – Jennifer Wilde.

Check out the Jennifer Wilde Kickstarter here. Follow @OutsiderGames on Twitter, or check out their website. Or why not go back and listen to Stephen’s first appearance on the podcast?

What have you been playing?

  • Stephen had some time with Destiny 2, and is a part of the Sexy Irish Guardians Clan (oh yeahhhhh). The community aspect of the game is making a real difference! Stephen and Dean then explain to Susan the appeal of Destiny, and Dean shares some thoughts on his Raid experience.
  • Stephen has also been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Isn’t it all just cooking and rocks?

  • Dean has also been enjoying Mario + Rabbids, which isn’t just XCOM for babies, but full of fun and crazy elements that make it a joy to play. Stephen and Dean also reveal that Nintendo’s Switch marketing totally worked, since they’ve made use of the Switch with friends during trendy rooftop parties.
  • Susan has been exercising her typing skills with Epistory: Typing Chronicles, a game with a fox and a girl fighting enemies and restoring a storybook world.

Spotlight: Outsider Games and Jennifer Wilde

  • After finishing the musical point-and-click adventure Wailing Heights, Outsider Games has gone to Kickstarter to fund their next game, Jennifer Wilde.
  • Jennifer Wilde is based on a comic book that Stephen drew a few years ago. It features art student Jennifer, who through various circumstances ends up calling the ghost of Oscar Wilde, and using his help to solve a mystery. Set in 1920s Paris, the game makes use of a lovely comic book art style, and music to match the era.
  • There’s a free demo of Jessica Jennifer Wilde on the Kickstarter page if you want to try it out!

Two Truths, One Lie

We round off this episode with our usual game. Stephen definitely didn’t just make these up 30 seconds ago, and we indulge in a little bit of time travel.

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