The Ready Up Podcast – Season 5 Episode 7 – There’s Always Time for Suspenders


It’s a hopping podcast adventure! Hosts Dean Bowman and Susan Marmito are joined by Stephen Downey from Outsider Games, developers of the forthcoming game Wailing Heights.

What have you been playing? Stephen is winding down from the demands of game development by playing Halo 5 and Grim Fandango. Susan has been playing Undertale, but she can’t talk about that, so talks about the rather forgettable title Remember Me. Dean is mesmerised by The Witness. Don’t drink and Witness, kids!
Wailing Heights Kitty interviewed Stephen a while back about Wailing Heights, and now we catch up with Stephen to find out how things are going for the body-hopping, musical horror adventure game. Following a successful launch including some prominent coverage, Wailing Heights has now been greenlit on Steam, so Stephen talks a little more about the game, what the process involved, and what happens next.
It’s the news! We find out that The Witness made more money in its first week than Braid did in an entire year – even given The Witness’s higher price point, an interesting thing to note. Dean reacts to people continuing to try to trademark verbs. Also, we help fund Stephen’s game by starting a trademark swear jar. Meanwhile, Sony Computer Entertainment has changed its name to Sony Interactive Entertainment; and EA have pulled out of E3 and set up shop down the road, leaving Dean to imagine the power vacuum that this will entail. Finally, Pikachu has been educating himself and it’s always sunny in Pallet Town!
Pixel Paramours To ‘celebrate’ the impending international day of regret and loneliness we call Valentine’s Day, we discuss our videogame crushes and probably reveal far more about our innter thoughts than you probably wanted to hear.
Two Truths, One Lie We find out about Stephen’s deviantart page. In which Stephen impresses us with the range of his comic book artistry.

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