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Celeste: I wrote this after one of my earliest experiences with the Xbox 360. It essentially consists of me complaining, moaning and begrudging. Everything went wrong during the set up of this console, from the simple things like connecting it to my TV, to the more interesting parts, most notably the creation of my gamertag – why do hardware sets eternally insist on thwarting my creative processes?

Don’t Shut Me Out

“I recently found myself in the curious position of being a gaming creed neophyte in the order of the Xbox 360. Being an orthodox gamer meant that this was a novel position for me to find myself in. I usually play on the PlayStation 3 partly because for some reason I never found the online multiplayer gaming lure of the 360 to be all that, well, luresome. But when this console failed on me not long ago, naturally all I could think about was 360ing it up.” Read more…

This next blog is my Ready Up coverage of the political zombie gathering outside the Houses of Parliament in August 2010, which was organised by Capcom. Those who attended did so to rally for improved rights for the undead. Capcom has always been a staunch zombie supporter, being as it is one of their leading employers, conceding only to the Dell customer services department. As a survival horror fan I wanted to be the one to cover this event; improved rights for undead citizens mean more productive and creative zombies in my video games. I’m on-board with that.

The Politics of Necrotics: Houses of Parliament Zombie Gathering

“If you’re planning on going to Central London this August 30th bank holiday, watch out – there will quite literally be zombies everywhere! No, I’m not talking about an epidemic.  CURE (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality) is gathering its zombified supporters and going straight to the Old Palace Yard, opposite the Houses of Parliament, to campaign for undead rights.” Read more…

The second blog in my Memoirs of a Gamer series was a very personal blog; in fact, it’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever written. I describe the remarkable impact that games had on my life at the time of my sister’s death in December 2010. I then talk about the positive effects that games have had on my life in general.  The blog was inspired by the warm and comforting feelings that I experienced when I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online with my friends. It was very cathartic to write.

Memoirs of a Gamer 2: Black Frocks and Black Ops

“My sister passed away recently. It wasn’t a sudden, unexpected loss but it was still emotionally tough-going. That’s the thing with death – it’s never nice. It’s life-changing at the best of times and soul-destroying at the worst. When I found out my sister was at the final stages of heart failure I simply couldn’t imagine what I was going to do when she passed. Nothing could take my mind off of the situation.” Read more…







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