The Unused Gears of War Trailer

The advertising campaigns that punctuate the Gears of War franchise have been almost as interesting as the games themselves. Given the frantic and bloody nature of Epic Games’ flagship shooter, you would understandably expect the trailers to feature a relentless barrage of fast cuts, flying limbs and Slayer.

Cue the Mad World TV spot, an elegantly sombre minute of horror, wonder, desperation and dread. Featuring an acoustic re-imaging of a recently resurrected Tears For Fears song, the trailer’s melancholic tone and noticeable lack of double kick drum pedal caught some gore hounds slightly off-guard.

These ‘serious’ trailers have become the weapon of choice for the Gears of War marketing department. Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust, the trailers that preceded last week’s release of Gears of War 3, continued the trend in fittingly bleak fashion.

This is my (slightly NSFW) tribute to those trailers.


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  1. morty avatar

    haha so good, please upload to youtube you talented asshole.

  2. Duncan avatar

    I second that, Morty.

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