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When Super Meat Boy first hit the indie scene via Xbox Live Arcade and Steam late last year, many gamers were taken aback by how challenging the experience was. A fusion of the tight platforming principles of Super Mario Bros. and the brutal environments of I Wanna Be The Guy, it was unapologetic about kicking your butt, but then, that’s only because it knew you’d come back for more meaty goodness. Wonderfully jocular cut-scenes, a thumpin’ soundtrack by OC-Remix veteran Danny B and that hard to define element of “Just-one-more-go!” rounded out what was easily one of my favourite games of the year.

Meat Boy Jumps
Jump Meat Boy, jump!

To celebrate the retail entry of Super Meat Boy, Ready Up has partnered with Team Meat and Mamba Games to offer three copies of the bloody delicious Super Meat Boy – Ultra Rare Edition:

Super Meat Boy – Ultra Rare Edition

For £24.99 (recommended retail price), this retail edition of Super Meat Boy includes the full game, as well as:

A full comic / sketch book
A poster
Over 350 Levels, dozens of secret retro warp zones
16 unlockable indie game characters
Full level editor

And an exclusive T-shirt featuring Meat Boy!

For a chance to win, just answer the question below and you’ll be entered into our prize draw. We will notify all three winners by e-mail. Good luck!

For the chance to win one of three digital copies of the game for PC answer the following question and fill out the form.

What did OC-Remix veteran Danny B create for Super Meat Boy?

A) The Soundtrack

B) The Meat

C) The Boy

Competition ends 16th September 2011. Closed.







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