Rift Giveaway

Trion Worlds’ first title, Rift, is looking very promising. A fantasy MMO set in the stunning world of Telara where a battle for control of mysterious rifts that interfere with the magical Ward that protects the planet, allowing for invasion from other dimensions, rages on. You take on the role of an Ascended hero, brought back from the dead to fight the invaders that are tearing Telara apart.

Released in the UK on the 4th of March, Rift claims to set the new “gold-standard” in MMOs. one that is polished and complete, offering players an innovative and dynamic adventure that features elements already well-loved by gamers and enhances them, providing high levels of choice and freedom alongside an incredible social experience in an ever changing and vibrant world of conflict and magic.

To celebrate the game’s release, we have three goodie bags with a copy of the game, a mouse pad and t-shirt in them to give away. To enter just fill answer the question and fill out your details below:

Closing Date: 10th of March 2011

What is the name of the planet that Rift is set on?

A) Telara

B) Hoth

C) Omicron Persei 8

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4 responses to “Rift Giveaway”

  1. Grace Harvey avatar
    Grace Harvey

    would love 2 win a prize x

  2. KamenGamer avatar

    but seriously with a question like that you might as well be giving it away

  3. Rashid avatar

    @KamenGamer, the question is merely a formality. It also weeds out those who are absolutely clueless about the game and cba to Google it up, I suppose. Questions in these things is never intended to be difficult

  4. Dan avatar

    “but seriously with a question like that you might as well be giving it away”
    Umm, we are giving it away. It’s in the title!

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