Ninja Captains (Juniors)

Ninja Captains is another party style game for the Nintendo Wii featuring 20 wacky games to play.  A story running behind the game tells of four ninja cats who travel round the world in an attempt to defeat a giant robot mouse.  The story is told using small animated segments which see the cats travelling the globe in an attempt to find the mouse.  The mini games on offer range from ice fishing in Sweden to rock climbing in Australia and even bull running in Pamplona.  Much wiggling and waggling of the Wiimote is needed and up to four people can play at any one time.

Name: Shannon

Age: 8

Did you enjoy Ninja Captains?

Shannon: Yes apart from when I karate chopped my finger on the table.

Did you dislike anything about the game?

Shannon: Only some things like the rowing game because I couldn’t get over the finishing line.

Who is your favourite character?

Shannon: I liked the ninja cat that was small and had blue eyes because it was the cutest of them all.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Shannon: Like I said before I hit my finger off the table when I was playing one of the mini games and it really hurt.  I have a bruise on my finger now!

What was the best bit about the game?

Shannon: At the end of the game you go inside a robot mouse and shoot red bulbs then one of the cats notices that the Statue of Liberty had been knocked down.  They make it again with parts of the robot mouse and it looks funny. Tee Hee Hee

How much fun was the game?

Shannon: It was karate choppingly good fun!

Parents Comment: Shannon and I had an enjoyable few hours playing through the game, all of the games can be played through quite quickly.  As with mini games compilations there was some uncertanty at times as to exactly what we were meant to be doing, but we worked it out eventually.  Some of the mini games were really good fun but some were near impossible on the first attempt a good thing then that the game can see if you are struggling and adjust the difficulty to help you progress. I’m sure a group of kids would have great fun playing this.







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