Ready Up – We Really Do Play Games

Vortex’s Log – 04.09.09

The tension in the air was palpable, the latest recruits were absorbing their briefing yet somehow little comprehending the dangerous mission that lay ahead. Nervously filing into the armoury, hushed whispers filled the uneasy air. A recruit stops, winces and rubs his knee, a past injury flaring up. The rest of the group notice, clock his weak point and glance knowingly at each other. Ahead, body armour is laid out in neat rows.

I scanned the room and as the adrenaline began to surge, the apprehension turned into excitement. We shrugged on the plated vests, strapped up tightly and equipped ourselves with the cumbersome guns. The technology whirred into life, buttons flashed and the display showed my codename – Vortex. Divided into teams I eyed my fellow conscripts. Another female, codename Yeldarb, feisty-looking, beautiful but with the cruel eyes of a killer, I knew she’d have my back. Plus a young guy, codename Xyon, his decorated fresh face yet to be hardened by the savage war. We were Team Red. Together we would stick side by side, a joint, united force against our enemy.

This is how we looked (in our heads)
This is how we looked (in our heads)

As the doors to the front line slid open, we scattered into the darkness. Instantly by myself my heart began pounding, desperately glancing behind me hoping for a glimpse of Team Red. Crouching, I scurried round the corner only to be faced with a six foot alien lifeform. I let out a blood curdling scream and cowered in a corner, shaking with fear. He wasn’t real, it was a scare tactic but it had worked. In the distance I could hear yelps and gunfire. My team needed me. Fight or flight. I saw the enemy! Their technology officer, the frail one with the knee injury. I crept forward never letting him out of my sight and skulked behind him, aiming the perfect shot… when out of nowhere I was hit! A sniper above had seized his opportunity leaving me stunned as my vest reverberated from the shot. I ran for cover but was surrounded. Everywhere I turned I was faced with the enemy. A bandit shot at me from behind as another foe snuck in front, his dulcet Scottish tones were jeering.

Limping off in pain I came face to face with Yeldarb, we mirrored a startled scream and clung to each other. As we gasped for breath we realised we had infiltrated the enemy base and began our attempts to destroy it. It was too little, too late. Time was drawing to a close, the battle almost fought but had it been won by Team Red? The lights flickered back to life and the weary group of Ready Up soldiers trudged back to the armoury. We had failed. Team Green were triumphant but one day we will return and Vortex, Yeldarb and Xyon will be victorious!

Life imitates XBL – I still lose

“Cost of a single F-117A Nighthawk: $122 Million”
“Cost of a single game at Laser Station £5.50”







6 responses to “Ready Up – We Really Do Play Games”

  1. van-fu avatar

    I think it is time to confess that my knee injury was faked. I am as fit as a fiddle. And my man Kapzer and me pwned all of Ready-Up.

    Never forget that.

  2. Pix3l avatar

    We realLy got our asses handed to us in that fight. Rematch anybody? :p

  3. MrCuddleswick avatar

    I let Crunch down. I couldn’t get the gun to work for about 10 minutes.

    “Limping off in pain I came face to face with Yeldarb, we mirrored a startled scream and clung to each other.”

    I didn’t see this, but the way you relate it, it sounds like some sort of erotic fiction.

  4. Hellfire avatar

    Boom, headshot.
    Let’s bring the rematch to Modern Warfare 2. You’re on, red!

  5. Duncan avatar

    There was Laser Station?! Damn. :'(

  6. Kat avatar

    Rematch is totally on and I bagsy Dunk for Team Red ;D

    Cuddles, your erotic fiction of choice has screaming and pain in it then? ;p

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