Insert Coin 09

I thought the days were long gone when a screen would flash up the message, “Insert Coin”.  It would appear that on many counts I was wrong, as it seems that the arcade scene is flourishing, albeit not as prominent as it used to be. In the good old days, mountains of ten pence pieces were pumped into lovely arcade machines to have one more go; on an unsuccessful day you would return home with your pockets burdened by change. So I was delighted to hear that later on this year, July 18th-19th to be exact, there is going to be an event embracing all things arcade.

Insert Coin 09

A bunch of dedicated arcade followers and gamers are going to be putting on Insert Coin 09 in Northampton. This is a first on this scale for this event and I’m glad to be able to tell you that Ready Up! will also be in attendance scoping out some classic and new arcade games.  Tickets for the event start around £15 and once you get in, over 100 of the machines are free to play. That is just awesome – no pockets full of change!  Obviously this might make it that little bit harder to get on the more popular machines, but you may be tempted to then try out some other games.  Of course there will be so much more than just playing the games, there will also be experts on hand to guide you through some of the tech of arcade machines, so if you don’t know your PCBs from your HRAP then this will be the place to go.  As you would expect, there will also be lots of stuff to buy relating to arcade machines and the like, ranging from coloured buttons to cabinets.

I must confess that after going through the Insert Coin website I was overwhelmed by all that’s going to be at the event, there is so much stuff I have never heard of or have knowledge of. It would be safe to say that you really should check out their site for all the information you need about when, where and how much, etc. You can then decide if you are going to join us at the event, and if you are, come and say hello to us and let us know what you think of it. I’m really looking forward to trying out R-Type Leo, a game I have never heard of but it looks like classic R-Type and that can only be a good thing. I have also noticed that King of Fighters 12 is going to be playable at I.C. 09, a game that many regard to be one of the best fighters out there.  You can match it up against Street Fighter IV and see what you think. If sources are correct KOF 12 will also be released on the home consoles at around the same time.

R-Type Leo

Still not convinced about going yet?  Well let me finish with a little dangling carrot to tempt you in. Here at Ready Up! we like to be part of things and in an attempt to help out the I.C. guys, we will be running a cosplay event at I.C. 09. Concrete details are yet to be confirmed but as we get closer to the event we will keep you up to date on what’s happening. So, all you wannabe Chun-Lis, Barry Burtons and Marios come along and join us and the I.C. 09 guys – keep it tuned to Space Channel 5.







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  1. Affro avatar

    There are a few of the ESC guys heading along to this for a Scotland VS England arcade fighters grudge match, I’m even thinking about taking part in the Cosplay event, I’ll probably not dress up as Blanka this time, the green paint took an age to come off …

  2. Barry avatar

    I’m 90% going! 🙂

    Dont know if some of my friends want to or not tho, so I’ll probably end up tagging along with some of you fine people if thats ok 😀

  3. Celeste avatar

    I don’t usually like to think longer than 1 day ahead, but I reckon I’ll be going to this.

  4. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Take many pics. 😀

    I know Fran and Shaz like to cosplay, but which other Ready Uppers do as well?

    The free machines will save attendees alot of money. Enjoy your time there Martin, and anyone else going.

  5. lordstar avatar

    I cant wait. Im going to be helping set up.

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